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Price match did not honored

On August 13, I purchased 3 pieces of appliance package along with 5-year plan.

On August 31, because the priced has lowered by $810, I called customer service and later was transferred to Geek Squad.  I was told price could not be adjusted because the appliances have not been delivered.  I offered to cancel and repurchase the package.  C/S proposed to change delivery to Sept 2 and have me call back after delivery to get the price adjusted.

On Sep 2, the appliances were delivered and installed.

On Sep 3, I called back and was told price match could not be honored due to bundling.  Had I known such policy, I would have cancelled and repurchased the package.  I asked to speak to a supervisor, who was busy and would call me back in 1-2 hours.  It never happened.

On Sep 4, I called in again and was tranferred to a supervisor.  The supervisor would only offer price match on non-bundled price.  While he was working on it, I was put on hold for 20-30 minutes and the call was dropped with no callback.

As a long term bestbuy customer, I wasn't impressed bout the whole process.  Each call is like hour's long.  C/S seemed to be nice.  But different person provided different answers.  If I knew such gimicks in the price match policy, I would've cancelled my order.  Now I am stuck with $5000 appliance that I could not return, nor I could purchase them at much lower price.  Besides continuing to call in and spending hours with no satisfactory resolution, I don't see a light in tunnel.  There isn't a address or email address my formal complaint can be sent.

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Re: Price match did not honored

Hello, pq_bby,


Welcome to our Community Forums. 


We appreciate reaching out and congratulations on your new appliance purchase. It should be exciting finding a better deal and can understand your disappointment when the lower price match could not be price matched. 


While we can’t guarantee a different outcome, we’d be happy to a closer look and see what else may be possible. To do so, send a Private Message with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Order number


Click the blue button next to my signature to send the Private Message. We look forward to hearing back. 



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Re: Price match did not honored

Dear Andy,


Thank you for your understanding on the complicated issue and provided solution accordingly.  Great Job!