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Price Matching and Out of Stock items

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I'm trying to price match an item I recently ordered, with a price match with Target.
The item in question is $20 cheaper at Target


{removed per forum guidelines}


Image of site -

{removed per forum guidelines}


The item is out of stock for home delivery, but not for store pickup. The only stores that have it in are 60miles from my house, and local traffic to and from the Boston area, about 2-3hrs each way.


Proof I can order it - {removed per forum guidelines}


However, I'd rather not drive that distance if I don't have, and would prefer to purchase the item through your company.

So I found the item on and saw it had a price match garuntee,


So ordered the item from

(I can give the order #)


When I went to price-match the item, the CSR handling it said they cannot price match items that are out of stock?


Exact quote

"As I have double checked here carefully regarding the eligibility of the item for price matching, I do apologize the item is not eligible for price matching. It shows here on Target site sir the item is no longer available and I tried to check if the item is available on their stores it seems they no longer have the item on their stocks.
I am sorry sir we do not price match with items that is currently sold out or unavailable.

The good news sir we did not limit only with Target we also price match with other retail competitors (including their online prices) and these qualifying online retailers: {removed per forum guidelines}


Is there anything that can be done to price match this item?
I'd really like to price match this through your company, and not have to waste half a day driving across state to pick it up (especially with only 3 left at the store in question)


I can once again provide an order # for the purchased version of the item in question.
(I was told not to supply it on my posts anymore)


Thank you!


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Re: Price Matching and Out of Stock items

Hi There, Jiryn,


We haven't heard from you in a little while. I hope everything has been going ok!

Thanks for posting your question about our Price Match Guarantee. For an item to qualify for a price match with an online order, the product would need to be immediately available through qualifying online retailer that you are looking to match with. You can find a list of qualifying online retailers on our website. In store purchases may qualify for a local brick-and-mortar retailer provided that it is within 25 miles of your local Best Buy store, provided that the product is also immediately available. Based on what you have described, it does not sound like your purchase would qualify for a price match at this time.



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Re: Price Matching and Out of Stock items

Thank you!
Yea, I thought since I could order it online, but it would have to be for store pick-up, it would still count.
Since it says it would be available within an hour!
(That's why I posted the images)

That clears it up a little. I just don't feel like going into Boston.