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Price Match to Newegg Refused

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I was very disappointed today when BestBuy's online Chat representative refused a Price Match because they said the seller was Newegg and that they do not Price Match them since they sell mostly 3rd party items and they are not a major competitor.


  • I asked where in writing on their Price Match Policy was Newegg excluded, since I was looking at the policy.
  • I made it clear that the item in question was being sold and shipped by Newegg, and not a 3rd party.
  • The agent paused a few times to check with higher authority and each time they came back with some other response that was outside of the scope of the published policy.
  • I asked if they were going to update the published policy to reflect exclusion of Newegg.
  • They also claimed the item needed to be in-stock at BestBuy in order to price match, which was irrelevant to me since I already placed the order and it was due to arrive tomorrow.
  • I also stated that if BestBuy would not honor their published Price Match policies, I would be forced to shop other sites first without the comfort of price protection at BestBuy.
  • I also made it clear that if BestBuy was going to start selling PC components like the one I purchased, they certainly should consider Newegg a major competitor since that was used as a reason not to honor Price Match policy.


I'm happy to provide a copy of the transcript here but like I mentioned, I was very disappointed in the outcome.  If Customer Support is not going to honor published policies, those policies need to be revised and updated.


I've already placed an order for the same item at the cheaper price from Newegg, so the one I receive from BestBuy will be going back for a return.  Negative economy and a hassle for everyone simply because published policies were not honored.  I would however, like BestBuy Corporate to chime in and clarify their terms and conditions officially so that I can adjust my shopping preferences accordingly.


Link to the item in question: {removed per forum guidelines}




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Re: Price Match to Newegg Refused

OK so part of this is on me for not reading/understanding the terms or them changing last time I checked.  The terms list out the only online retailers they will match and they also state they will match local retailers.


I checked Amazon and they also had the cheaper price, and I was able to contact Chat again and they were able to match the price for me without issue.


Still, I think BestBuy should put some consideration into price matching other competitors like Newegg 1st party especially when they have offered so much in the way of PC parts and components in the last few years.

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Re: Price Match to Newegg Refused

Hi, JerryCMD!


Thank you for visiting our forum again and posting about your recent experience. I love getting the best deal on a product as well, so I can understand wanting to take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee. Although I hate to hear you weren't able to price match an item initially, I'm glad to learn you were eventually able to achieve this through a different retailer. I'd like the chance now to clear up any remaining concerns you may have about our price matching process.


Our Price Match page mentions that Best Buy will match all local retail competitors as well as a few online retailers. As you pointed out in your follow up post here, Newegg is not mentioned. I understand you my have some suggestions on what online competitors Best Buy should price match to, and I encourage you to post your ideas to our page IdeaX. We are always looking to make improvements to best serve our customers.


If you'd like me to formally document your experience in our corporate system, or you're in need of any additional support, please follow up with your full name, email, and phone number in a private message to me. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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