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Preorder Issues

I preordered the S22 Ultra 2/15/22 at a local Best Buy. The status online and on the app stated it would be ready for pickup on release day 2/25/22. So I (im)patiently waited. I checked a couple times along the way that it would truly be ready for pickup on release day and I was reassured it would be. So 2/24/22 I get an email stating that it would take longer to fulfill my preorder, so naturally on 2/25/22 I contacted Best Buy to see what was going on and was assured the email was sent by mistake, and my order would be ready that day. Come 1pm or so I still hadn't been notified that my order was ready, so I messaged Best Buy again and this time I was told that the store I preordered from did not have the phone. After that, I browsed the app and found a store in Pittsburg, PA that had it in stock, so i changed my pickup location to there. I called Best Buy and the rep was very kind and called the store to verify they had my order in stock, which I was told they did. So I got in the car and drove 2 hours to get my order. I get there and, after some time speaking with the young man at customer service, find out they DON'T actually have the phone. So then I had to drive an additional 2 hours back home with nothing to show for my efforts except a nearly empty gas tank. What is the point of a preorder if it doesn't guarantee you a phone when it is released, or at least on a date relatively close to it? Also, why did the online portal not reflect an accurate date when I would get the phone? Lastly, why could the representatives not get their facts correct in the first place? I'm very frustrated and a bit angry with the whole situation, and may not choose to shop at Best Buy again after this huge issue.

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Re: Preorder Issues

Hello, cjk4993,


Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. Getting a new phone should be exciting, but not if it gets delayed. I would love to investigate your issue further. Please private message me your:


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Re: Preorder Issues

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