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Pre-authorized charge



A couple weeks ago I attempted to order a laptop three times, but the order was subsequently cancelled each time. The pre-authorized charge was applied to my card each time, and I've been waiting since then to be reimbursed. I contacted my bank it usually takes 7-10 days in cases like these (it's been 14), but said thatathat soon as it's cancelled on BestBuy's side the pre-authorized charge will be reimbursed. 


I was using an international card so I assumed it would take longer but I'm just wondering what the timeframe is on BestBuy's side. I no longer want to proceed with the order regardless and just want to know how long it will take for the pre-authorized charge to be cancelled, as it's quite a bit of money being held on my card.




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Re: Pre-authorized charge

If the order was never processed fully/shipped only canceled, Best Buy’s part of the process should have completed right alongside the cancellation.
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Re: Pre-authorized charge

Yes, it was only cancelled. That's why I'm wondering what the delay is.

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Re: Pre-authorized charge

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Hello there, Jack, and welcome to the Best Buy forums!


We’re glad that you chose Best Buy for your orders, even if they didn’t go through successfully.  I can certainly understand your concern about those authorizations, and I’ll be glad to do my best to explain how they work.


Our friend jdogg836 did a great job in acknowledging how the process of authorizations should normally work.  However, many times when you use an international card, the banks that finance those cards take much longer to drop authorizations, usually up to double the normal time frame.  You can find more information on those time frames through our Cancel Your Order page on here


If your bank is still showing those authorizations, I would provide them with the cancellation emails you should have received when your orders were cancelled.  This should be enough for them to drop any outstanding holds they have on your account. 


I hope this helps,

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