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Pre Order troubles

I ordered a Sony Xperia 1 Mark 3 way back in the start of July. The release date was set to August 24th. I would expect to get it on its release date, especially since I pre ordered it 2 months before, giving Best Buy loads of time to find stock. But no, I was given a estimate delivery date over a month after its release. Adding insult to injury, on the Sony Xperia forums, people who just bought the phone from Best Buy on its release date got the phone already. Since it’s release, what BBY was doing was sending my the bill to my bank account for the phone, where it would be placed under “processing”, where it would await finalization. This is mainly for restaurants, so they can attach your tip to a transaction after you leave. Transactions can only be in this state for a limited amount of time, and awaits for the retailer to send the final amount. BBY has been billing me this way every week, since the phones release, but they don’t wait for last weeks transaction to void out to bill me again. So at times, I am getting charged twice for the phone I still don’t have, tying up my money, which I can’t use until the transaction is voided or finalized. Last issue, there is no way of cancelling this order from the app because “We’re working on your order. At this point we can’t cancel it”. So I can’t go to another retailer for the phone, or decide to go with another phone, like the new series of Fold phones from Samsung. This whole experience has been a mess. I still don’t have the phone, so I am wondering what is the best course of action proceeding forward? I need the phone for work, and I have been getting no help from their help line.
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Re: Pre Order troubles

Fyi. Fold phones seem to be back ordered into October.
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Re: Pre Order troubles

Hello, aleskf95.

Thanks for joining us here within our Community Forums. We appreciate that you’re sharing your experience with us and we’d like to research this further on your behalf. Please use the blue button just to the right of my signature below to privately provide us with your full name, phone, and email so that we can verify and access your account determine what steps we can take to assist you.


We look forward to assisting you soon!

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