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Poor shipping

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I've been really busy, so it has been some time since I ordered these. But now that I have time, I wish to finally address the issues I have been having. A couple of months ago I ordered the Darksiders 3 Collector's Edition for the PlayStation 4 on a couple of occasions. Perhaps this may be news, but the point of paying extra for a game that has the MSRP of $149.99 is to get nice things such as collectibles in addition to the game. So, it kind of defeats the purpose of paying all of the additional cost if the collectibles arrive in terrible condition. If one bothers to read many of the product desriptions for limited and collector's editions, oftentimes they claim that it comes in a collectible box. In other words, the manufacturer considers the actual box as one of the perks and reasons why we have to pay a higher price.


Now I order quite a number of things. I always have but you can imagine that with COVID, this has become even more so, and I have to say, in all of my online dealings I have never had anything shipped in this poor of condition. And I have had some real doozies throughout the years.


I would like someone at Best Buy to explain to be why when I ordered a collector's edtion, that this was not shipped in any kind of container whatsoever?! I am including images of the orders to show that all of the labels and packing tape, and sharpie marker markings were all put on the exterior of the product itself. But here is the most vexing thing of all. I contacted Best Buy though the website chat and complained. I specifically expressed my concern over getting another product shipped out to me again in the exact same manner. Your representative assured my that this would come in a box. And you know what? It came in exactly the same manner as the previous one did. I showed it to the UPS delivery person and they even said that they could not understand for the life of them why anyone would ship anything in such a manner. At this point I gave up on Best Buy. I mean, who wouldn't?! I ordered it from Amazon at that point. Now, I have had issues with Amazon as well, but you know what? They at least sent it in a box! The quality of this customer experience is inexusable. I have been an elite and elite plus member for years, but if my order history is checked, one will notice a gradual decline. It is for reasons like this. If this is the kind of care that will be taken when shipping our orders, I most defintely have to take my business elsewhere.


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