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Poor Customer Service ( order # {removed per forum guidelines}

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I purchased a Tablet for same day pick up around 3pm yesterday 12/19/17 and received an order processing email. Money was taken out or my account but no email to pick up the tablet by 10pm so I went into the store and spoke with a person on the floor who said the item wasn't available in the store but I could reorder it to have it shiped to receive it by 12/22 since they didn't receive payment so just cancel the order and then reorder it. So I canceled the order to reorder it but the money was taken out from my account. I called this morning and spoke to a representative who said that they didn't have the money and call my bank with an authorization code ( not sure if I should give the number on an open forum), and they can put it back in my account. Called my bank who says that payment is still pending on their end because Best buy does have it to accept on their end and that is the only way the authorization code can be issued when funds are received. She said that Best buy has to send the funds back in order to do so and if they don't then I have to wait 6 days to get my money back if Best buy never accepts payment. This is ridiculous because this is a gift for someone and I can't even get my money back or find someone to help me purchase the tablet. I was told I have to spend the same amount again to get the tablet. I don't feel comfortable doing that if I am already out of money with no item and I'm supposed to pay again? This is not cool and the reason why I don't like shopping with Best buy because they are not good at problem solving. I need my money back before christmas so I can either find a best buy store that has this tablet or purchase one some place else. 

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Re: Poor Customer Service ( order # {removed per forum guidelines}

How can I get help resolving this issue

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Re: Poor Customer Service ( order # {removed per forum guidelines}

Hi mpclark03,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post. I was recently in a similar situation involving an order and some tied up funds I needed. It can certainly be a bit annoying. Let’s see if I can offer some insight into the situation.


When you place an order, the system will typically authorize your card for the amount of the purchase. This is what you were most likely seeing on your card. When an order is canceled, this authorization is reversed and the funds are released back to your card. When you see the funds post back to your account does depend a bit on your bank. While you’ll typically see them within a few business days, it could take up to 7-9. At this point, if you do not see the funds in your account, I would advise reaching out to your card-issuer to check on the status.



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