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Poor Customer Service for Wrongful Charge

Context: I purchased a MacBook computer from Best Buy to be delivered to my apartment. This computer was lost by Best Buy, and Best Buy was not able to give me a replacement item until they completed an investigation. Someone from primary support urged me to purchase the laptop again, and said that once the investigation was complete, my order would be refunded and I would be made whole. Unfortunately, this person from primary support made a mistake and labeled my second computer purchase as a replacement item and put it under the same order number. After spending countless hours on the phone with best buy customer service, I paid a THIRD time and finally received my computer. I was assured that everything from that point forward would go smoothly, and I would receive both refunds as soon as the investigation with Fedex was complete.

However, I only received a refund for my first purchase ant not the second purchase, which was for $1,626. I spent the next six weeks calling Best Buy repeatedly, spending at least 20+ hours on the phone with Best Buy customer service, and had 6-8 refund requests denied by the refund department due to Best Buy’s poor internal communication. I asked about compensation for my troubles sometime between Nov 11th - Nov 14th, and was told by someone in primary support that I would be entitled to a significant discount on my next Best Buy purchase. I have decided I no longer want to shop with Best Buy, and would like my discount to go toward the computer I actually received.


I have now received my original $1626 refund. However, I spoke to someone today who said they were only authorized to give me a $100 refund. I find this unacceptable, for a few reasons. 


  1. I spent well over 20 hours on the phone with Best Buy to repeatedly request my refund, and I consider this time spent worth well over $100
  2. I spent this much time on the phone with Best Buy due to their negligence and ignoring the unique circumstances of my case and my refund request
  3. The amount I was owed was $1626, and Best Buy withheld this large amount from me from October 4th (when I received a refund for the first payment) to November 22nd (when I received my refund for the second purchase amounting $1626)


This mistake was made entirely by Best Buy’s primary support team. I should have never been charged for the replacement item in the first place. I should never have had 6-8 refund requests denied. I should have never had to spend 20+ hours on the phone correcting Best Buy’s repeated errors.

So, I am sending this feedback to ask for a more fair refund. I would only feel fairly compensated if given a 50% reduction on the total amount paid for the computer I actually received (I can provide the order number in my DMs)


I look forward to hearing back from the complaints department. 

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Re: Poor Customer Service for Wrongful Charge

Greetings, Unhappy4469,


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums. 


Thank you for reaching out to us on this platform, joining our community, and sharing your story. I can imagine the frustration this may have caused and will gladly look into this further, as well as document your recent experience. To get started, please send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address and order number. 





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