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Poor Customer Servace

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On 11/28  2019 I purchased a Bosch 800 dishwasher open box online.  it was at the Outerloop store in Louisville Kentucky.   I received a text message and an email stating that the item was ready to pick up. My husband drove 60 miles round-trip to pick it up on 12/1/ 2019  When he got there they made him wait while they looked for it. After searching for it for approximately an hour he was told it was not there. After numerous calls to 1888 Best Buy and to the store manager at this location this matter is still unresolved. I have yet to receive a refund. I have spent at least four hours on the telephone trying to resolve the situation to no avail. I was promised calls back by the end of the day on three occasions never received a callback I have been hung up on and treated disrespectfully .  This is an unacceptable business practice. All  your customer service people and the store manager Derek {removed per forum guidelines} apologized without sincerity. The store blames the online ordering system the 1888 Best Buy customer service people say it's a store issue. This is a never ending loop.  I truly believe that they will wait till this works its way through system and it is not picked up in the timely manner and then I will probably get my refund. Then no one will have to put any extra work into this problem.  
In this day of computers this issue should have never happened. I should not receive  repeated emails saying that an item is ready for pick up when in fact it is not there. This is tying up my money for extra days I feel a fair compensation would be to offer a similar model dishwasher for a considerable discount as the one  I purchased is no longer available. Durning this time Lowes had a similar model dishwasher that was on clearance new in the box for the same price as the Best Buy open box item. I was unable to purchase it since I had already bought the one from Best Buy.  If your recordkeeping was correct we would not have this issue. Or if you refunded money in a timely manner. 

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Re: Poor Customer Servace



Thanks for taking the time out of your Holiday season to connect with us here on the Best Buy Forums. Please feel free to explore some of the great content we have to offer here.


We never want a customer’s Store Pickup experience to go this way, so you have my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your husband. While I cannot promise any specific outcome, I would be happy to look into what options could be available here.


To do so, I would need you to send me a private message by clicking on the blue button in my signature below. Once there, please provide your full name, email, phone number, and order number.



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