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Please remove hold on my account

I purchased items on on Dec. 13th.  The purchase has posted to my banking account, there is a hold for the equivalent amount on my card that I need removed NOW!.  Bestbuy already has my money, why is Bestbuy placing a hold on my account.  I spoke to the bank.  The bank states that the merchant has to be the one to remove the hold on my account.  I spoke to several bestbuy agents who were not helpful at all.  I'm a diabetic and was unable to eat any food today because of this hold and I will not be able to eat again until this hold is removed.  I need IMMEDIATE HELP!

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Re: Please remove hold on my account

This forum is not intended for immediate assistance, the immediate help channel would be through 1-888-BestBuy. The announcement on the front page notifies all users that the response time is approximately 7-8 days depending on traffic.

A reserve is created by your bank when an authorization is put through. It is not made into a final charge until the item is shipped or picked up. The new processing that you saw today was likely it trying to complete the charge. Banks have different windows of time in which they release reserved funds that have not been charged, mine takes 3-5 days.
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