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Please Help.....Caught in a Infinite loop of insanity and want desperately need help!!!!



I am in need of some serious help as i keep hitting a metaphorical wall with the loop I continue to encounter making me wish to bash my head into a actual wall in the hopes of acquiring a concussion and possible peace. If your still reading thank you now onto the problem....


I ordered a computer monitor July 15 or 16 of 2019. The monitor was set to arrive July 18/2019. Due to the items value a signature would be required in order for the item to be released to me by the delivery driver. I had planned on having someone home to receive the item at he estimated delivery window provided to me by the UPS app. When the delivery date and time approached I was at work and the person I had scheduled to be there to inspect and receive the package had to step away for the moment and was held up while enroute back to my home. I have a Ring doorbell camera installed-purchased from Best Buy- that alerts me to motion, can act as a intercom etc. but due to being at work I was not alerted to the motion as I have it set to mute notifications during normal work hours or when I know there will be traffic about such as contractors working, road crews I was not alerted to the UPS driver pulling up to my driveway but it was still recording all events. The driver came up to the door with the package-which was on full display for all to see unlike other retailers which would either automatically or give you the option to hide the contents of the item-and placed the item down on my step which was still exposed to the current incliment weather condiitions i.e. rain. He proceeded to press not the doorbell but the faceplate of the doorbell and did not trigger the bell while at my walkway. Now I would like to state as I have done many times to people that I have the recording which is 65 seconds long and when I have offered it ot Best Buy thinking oh wow i have proof of the failure of their contracted shipper i.e. UPS failing to follow guidelines/policy and break protocol I have been told time and time again we do not accept video or photos and that I should go to UPS with it or move on etc. more on that in a minute. After he stands at my doorway with the package that has to be signed for due to the value or else it is not to be released, and after failing to press the doorbell button which would have despite my notification settings triggered a alert on my phone while I was at work which would have allowed me to communicate with him to advise him of the current situation with no one being there currently to inspect and receive or reject the item or possibly advising him to return the item to the UPS processing center so that I could then reschedule delivery or set for pickk up there which I have done many times before, he takes his handheld computer and sign for the package and then leave it there half out in the rain and walk back into his truck and pull away. Again the video run time is 65 seconds and he waits at the door a total of maybe 15 seconds before just faking a signature and carrying on with his day. Now i had only recently moved into this residence and at first I upgraded the doorbell camera as the old one had a bad speaker and I have since installed additional cameras around to help provide me with security and proof when a package carrier from other retailers take and toss a package that has glass inside at my garage door then drive off so that if a picutre is worth a thousand words then a video should clear a million. Anyway what I did not know at the time was that if you lose power due to a storm like the one that was ramping up during that day then the ring system switches to battery backup but will shut off certain poritions of the system to preserve its battery. Later in the day as I usually work until midnight or later and have over a hour drive home, the power went out so the camera lost power until the following day so I could not see anything else that was going on at home. When I did arrive home there was no package at my door. Now I do not know any of my neighbors as I am not home but per the FAQ section of UPS and Best Buy's websites with regards to lost or missing items it suggests you check with neighbors or other people who would have possibly removed the package on your behalf. What a surprise as everyone I asked did not have it and was unaware of anything that was going on at my home. When I called in to Best Buy on 7/20/19 I stated that the package was not here/had not been delivered. They stated that it was delivered and signed for. I asked who signed for it as no one was here and was told that it was confirmed delivered. Again no one was home and as I reviewed the video the driver had signed his device and walked away. I was then told I needed to file a claim with UPS. When I tried to I was informed by their claims website that I could not file the claim as a recipient only the shipper could initiate a claim for this package. I called Best Buy back and explained everything I had just told them during my previous call and what UPS's site was saying. I was told a investigation would be started, Big surprise no invesitgation was started. Now I have weird hours, am on call when I am not officially working and tend to be awake or free to do things other than work when most people and businesses are closed/not available so finding free time to sit on hold, get disconnected and be patronized is limited so calling back becomes challenging. I did call back to Best Buy in the beginning of August and asked about the investigation and was told once again I had to do it through UPS even though I told them that I could not as I was not the shipper but again was told that they could do nothing as I had to be the one. So i call UPS and wait and get the claims department who tell me the same thing their website said which was that the SHIPPER has to initiate the claim. I then proceed to confrence call Best Buy and UPS and once again explain the situation to both parties and tell them to speak and work this out as this is not fair to me. After speaking Best Buy said they would be launching a investigation and I should hear from them once they had something to say. UPS said the same and i proceeded to go back to work as I had been on the phone for over a hour and I had work that needed to be done. Two weeks pass and I head nothing from Best Buy. UPS sent someone to my house who was investigating the claim as he knocked on my door and I was actually home. I spoke with him and proceeded to show him the video saying look its in HD and thanks to High Definition you can clearly make out the UPS truck, the uniform the UPS driver is wearing, his ID, his face and his finger as he proceeds to forge a signature and bail. He said it was good i have the video-imagine that having proof is good-and had me sign their statement saying no merchandise was received. I then wait and still hear nothing from Best Buy so I proiceed to call UPS. This was in late August early September now when I called after the UPS investigator had come to my home. UPS said their investigation was complete and that they were accepting liability for the missing package and that they sent Best Buy paperwork 8/17/19 for them to fill out with reagards to the items description and value and once received they would issue a check in 5 business days to them. I thought yes finally this will be over and done with as they would get their money back and I would get my refund and could move on. Around 9/5/19 I called in to Best Buy as I had not heard anything from them to see what the status was and when I could except my money back to my credit card now that UPS had finished their investigation. Guess what Best Buy finished their "investigation" and said that there was nothing to be done due to their being a signature for the package that the case was closed and that the item had been delivered. Now I really really really wanted to just shout, yell throw my phone so many things because as I have continued to state to all parties involved that I have a video showing the UPS driver signing for the item and leaving, not me nor my family, relatives or anyone I know or associate with who would have authority to. I continued to be read a scripted response from someone who was either working from home due to the faint sounds of dogs barking or maybe Best Buy call centers are just that cool to work in assuming they are still located inside the United States which is doubtful saying that there was a signature and that the back office had concluded their investigation so no refund or replacement item would be possible to be provided. I spent a good 90 minutes trying to get a manager while trying to connect the dots of the process for which the series of events has led me to here but again I was read a script on repeat until I observed that I was on the phone for too much time and had to get back to work. I asked that a new investigation be opened telling them over and over to CALL UPS providing dates and who I spoke to in their claims department saying that they will GIVE BEST BUY A CHECK FOR THE AMOUNT THEY WRITE IN THE CLAIM PAPERWORK SENT so that they would have their money and I could have my money back as I have no merchandise for which I have now been paying a bill for on my credit card. I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card which is a BEST BUY card. I hit a wall there too and was provided a letter and a copy of the signature that was attached to the item delivered that I am disputing. The signature is this stupid little line that any child using a tablet or any breathing human being who can use their hands and articulate a finger into a position to drag across a pressure sensetive liquid crystal display could do. I called and explained to my credit card who basically told me to get loss making me wish I was a lawyer so I could better articulate my distain and manuever through the legal loopholes and hurdles that they get to place themselves behind or heck even file a civil suit or whatever the correct action that would need to be taken in order to get my refund and maybe some of the many hours invested into this farce paid at my hourly rate. I then received a email a week or two later from Best Buy saying that the investigation was complete and that no replacement item or refund will be given thanks to the harrowing and thorough investigation practices their back office team has performed. I call in and again waste another 30 minutes explaining everything to someone who doesnt care or is not going to handle this while asking for a manager who of course if busy, a different manager but I am told that there is only one so I proceed to ask for that managers boss or their boss or to keep going up the ladder until we hit the CEO of the place but big surprise nothing. I get pacified by being told a new investigation would be done but I ask that the back office team reach out to me if there such hot shot detectives as I have the proof just tell me where to send it or to look at my past purchases or my credit card etc hell I would provide a signature for them to use to compare against the joke that they have and are calling proof that someone signed for it and I get old the usual as the back office is the holy grail or the untouchables and can not be reached by anyone not initiated in the inner circle etc. etc. Now I have spoken to people in the back office before after the trainwreck that was my rewardszonne premier silver being merged with other accounts that did not exist costing me thousands of points, missed rewards etc. and had no problem talking to them and unlike the ark of the covenant my face did not metl and my ears did not bleed when speaking to them for the many hours needed to try and salvage what was left of my rewards account. Anyway sorry I know long rant and probably too many details but I am tired of this...........I call Best Buy and go through the whole hour long process of repeating myself again and again but this time I do get to speak to a manger in their claim department but surprise she tells me the same thing the script says that was read by the other assocaites say and puts through another investigation of course covering herself saying there is no guarantee that anything will change and were sorry your in this loophole or this gray area which is funny seeing as how if I had ordered it through amazon-big surprise that was who I was price matching it too but I wanted to continue banking the points I get...silly me-amazon whould have rectified this whole mess in im going to say 2 days tops especially with video evidence. I am going to skip the additional phone calls and sadness that is hours wasted talking to myself although there was someone technicially on the other end of the call there to read back the script to me whenever I used certain key/trigger words that they are told to listen for and then recite whatever their legal precident is as directed by their internal council to protect themselves from recourse or common sense. Best Buy says they spoke to UPS who said nothing about paperwork or being paid for the item. I had called immediately before calling that time and again right after and was told by UPS that yes they are waiting for Best Buy to fill out the paperwork they sent over to process the claim and issue them the check because again I am just the recepient of the item not the shipper so although I paid for it I have no legal say in the matter. Best Buy reps on the phone have said they will not do that because they would be admitting fault even though the math work down to if UPS pays Best Buy then they would have been paid twice for the one item that is in dispute and then is Best Buy refunds me the money I was charged for the disputed item then they would only have the money for said disputed item and I would have my money back therefore UPS would be the ones out of pocket due to the loss that was caused by their employee which is why there are liable and have asked that Best Buy complete the claim documents sent over so they could therefore provide them with recompense for the error. Best Buy would still have their money for the item, I would have my money back for the item which is missing and UPS would be the one who loses money to cover the item that they are liable for due to insurance attained by Best Buy for being a contracted carrier and the value of the item. Now as easy as that should be Best Buy continues to recite that they are not liable even though I did not say they were only that they needed to speak to UPS so this could finally be over for me. I have asked to confrence call them in with UPS like I had to do in order to get he actual real investigation started oh so many months ago now and have been told no. Best Buy has done repeated "investigations" and each time they come back with the whole no replacement items will be sent and no refund will be issued leaving me to enjoy a credit card statement each month with the item I was charged for being paid for while I have no item to show. I now have the utmost distaste for Best Buy which is kinda sad as I have been a customer since working there back in 2003 or 2004 kinda hard to remeber the exact date so hey Best Buy feel free to look up my info assuming I warrant any sort of file on dates of employment. I have stayed with them too despite the continued fall of their unique programs, offers, private shopping events, bonus points, gift card offers etc. and the continued rise in interest rates from their partnered financial establishment that issues the Best Buy credit cards and the continued drop off of training about certain programs and active offers that some of their stores seem to not be informed on. I have watched as competitors continue to pop up and provide more attractive offers and programs that remind me of what Best Buy no longer does wether it was by choice, need or some skewed market data which told them that it needed to be stopped i.e. the Gamers club unlocked which you had to pay for to get discounts which usually did not work due to register or computer errors when processing the discounts to the original Price Match Policy which gave you 10% off of the difference in addition to matching the advertised price of the item you wanted which was the incentive for coming there to shop. Someone from Best Buy assuming and hoping you have read this very very long posting...yes I know and I am kinda sorry but not sorry for it..... and reach out to me and tell me what is it that has to be done so I can get my money back and move on with my day. I now cringe at the colors blue and yellow, at the price tag style of sign or shape and at the mention of going to a electronics store as that is primarily Best Buy's in my current geographic location because of this and now hate that I have so many points with this company as it represents the fact that had I just stopped and moved on to another retailer I would probably not be dealing with this collosial failure and might even be given money back even in the form of gift cards for the fact that I have had to invest so much time in something that should not be this difficult to solve. Heck you used to give gift cards or reward zone points when I had to call in and explain the errors or failures of a midnight launch for a game or the terrible customer service received at a store or for the fact that I have to work through countless receipts in order to find the errors for discounts or bonus point bundle failures etc. and as I had all the customer service pins, dates, store numbers, register id's etc available in order to better find them on your end would sort of reward me with a gift card as a way of saying sorry for that experience and please know we wish for you to continue using us despite what you just did or perhaps as a thank you as I have had many pleasant experiences with people I have spoken to from rewardzone when calling who made me feel better or human when speaking and appreciated my help or information provided or that I simply was not screaming their ear off for missing a $10gift card offer for a game.


I want to be called not emailed, texted or sent a letter by carrier pigeon and I want this resolved. I will happily provide the broad strokes if you happen to skip down to this part and wanted to avoid reading the long diatribe I have typed above. This should be a failry simply thing to solve. Package sent requiring signature due to value. UPS driver left package on walkway at my home and forged signature leaving package alone and exposed in rainy weather. Arrived home to no package. Contacted Best Buy and UPS. UPS admitting fault and want to give money once Best Buy sends them the requested info in the paperwork they sent. Call UPS if paperwork is no longer around or heck just because it has been going on 4 months now to get new paperwork to fill out and immediately return. Receive check from UPS. Give me back my money for the item lost. We all move on with our lives. The End.


I can provide the tracking number, dates, a reference number for the investigations and so on if you call me as I am assuming that any notes or other info that might have been recorded to my account is probably long gone.


Thank You

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Re: Please Help.....Caught in a Infinite loop of insanity and want desperately need help!!!!

Good afternoon, DJPie213,


Welcome back to the Best Buy community forum! It’s been quite a while since we last heard from you so I wish we were getting a chance to speak under better circumstances. Having a package missing is never fun, and I know I would want answers in your situation as well.


From your post, I’m hearing that you’re saying a UPS driver signed for a package which had a required signature without your knowledge and then it was later missing from your porch before you got home. While you’re saying you have a video of the driver signing for the package, your power cut out, so you don’t have video of the package being taken. Beyond this, it sounds like there has been quite the saga of calls made to both Best Buy and UPS regarding this situation and a claim that was filed with UPS. While I cannot promise a specific or different resolution since packages that have been signed for would not typically be eligible for reship or refund, I would be glad for the opportunity to look into this unique situation in more detail to see what may be possible.


I did see in your message that you want someone to call you on the phone. Our team here at the Corporate Office communicates through social media platforms so we would be unable to accommodate your request for a phone call. If you would like to speak on the phone, you are welcome to contact our customer service representatives at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289.


With this said, I would love to continue speaking with you here. To get started, I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, order number, and UPS claim number. To ensure security for your information, please be sure to send those details via private message. When logged in on the forum, the “private message” option should be available next to my signature below this post. I look forward to hearing from you!


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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