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Pick Order Delay

 I placed an pickup order of Canon Laser printer on 11/19/2018 and received the ETA as 11/29/2018. I didn't receive a confirmation number until 11/30/2018, so I chatted with a representative saying that it already arrived at the store so I could pick it up. I went to the location on 12/1/2018 (still I didn't get a confirmation email though) but they said that they didn't receive the product yet and there was no confirmation. I could understand so far, so I told them I would wait til I get a confirmation. When I visited the printer section, there was the model that I ordered in a shipping box delivered as of 11/28/2018. I asked them about it and they still told me that since they didn't have a confirmation, they couldn't give it to me. I chatted with another representative on 12/3/2018 and was told that the product had arrived at the store and they would let me know soon. Today is 12/6/2018 but still I only have an order delay message. I'm guessing I will never get to have this printer....