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Physical Gift Card Code Invalid (Not Activated)

Hello Best Buy Support,


I used the store pickup option for two (2) identical but separate orders of physical Amazon gift cards.


Each order consisted of Amazon gift cards in the following quantities and denominations:

1 x $100

1 x $50


One of the gift cards could not be redeemed.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Physical Gift Card Code Invalid (Not Activated)

From my understanding, if you purchased physical cards that were sold by and picked up at the store, they would be responsible for going into their point of sale system and help you activate the cards.


I'm not sure you can get help on these forums unless the physical cards were shipped to your address then that would be a corporate issue which these forums can help you with. 


As the stores are closed today, you may not be able to resolve this until the very least Friday. 

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Re: Physical Gift Card Code Invalid (Not Activated)

Thanks hockeycanuckjc.


I was hoping that I wouldn't have to waste an hour going back to the store. Especially on Black Friday.


I wonder if their POS system supports keying in the card number manually for activation. I'll call the store when they open and see if it can be done over the phone. If the system requires a barcode scan, I'll try emailing store management with a photo.


The person who checked me out also failed to complete one of my orders. I never received a pickup confirmation.


The order status is still at "Ready for Pickup" Smiley Frustrated