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Payment processing issues

I’m trying to make sure my order won’t be cancelled due to incompetence by Best Buy’s online ordering system. This happened to me last year, after spending countless hours on the phone with citi bank and supervisors my card was cancelled and order cancelled only to be told it was a mistake in the end due to the card being run twice for each item as it was ready for in store pick up. Just to give and example if a customer has a $2300 limit, makes a $1400, you can’t run the card twice it’s not going to go through it’s common sense. I vowed never to use Best Buy again because of this ridiculous process, well I got sucked in to making another purchase the same way this year, dumb on my part, and guess what’s happening I’ve picked up 2 of the items already, 3 are waiting to picked up, and the one I care about my new tv is threading to be cancelled because payment is unable to be processed. Come on I already paid for it the card has been charged for the full purchase amount I can see that on the account, customer service has told me everything has been approved and I don’t trust any of it.

This shouldn’t be a problem we as customers have to deal with. It is crazy to me that there are so many threads revolving around the same issue and in a years time there’s no change to the process nor did I receive any compensation for the hassle last year. I need someone, other than the script readers at customer service, someone with some power over the situation to reassure me I can pick up the rest of my order tomorrow. It’s funny that you only get to talk to those people once everything’s turned into a giant mess and after hours of wasted time do you get to start the nonsensical process again to get what you had paid for in the first place.

You would think that a business that is going under would do anything it could to save customers from this hassle and frustration. It hasn’t changed in the past year so fingers crossed someone that reads this understands the point of it all, does something about it because right now it seems like a systemic issue with the whole company. I’ve never have this problem with Amazon or Nike or any other company I’ve dealt with for an online purchase. Maybe we all should just buy our stuff from them in the future, please believe I could’ve bought everything from Sam’s club and next time I will, financing options aren’t worth the headache.
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Re: Payment processing issues



Thanks for taking the time out of your day to create a profile and connect here on the Best Buy Forums. Having issues with your payment is no fun, especially around the Holidays, so I would want to ensure all of my orders were processing as well.


If you ran into issues with picking up your order, please feel free to send me a private message by clicking on the blue box in my signature below. There, your full name, email, phone number, and order number would be required.



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