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PayPal Preorder Charge

Hi, so i preordered the Playstation5 last night but I CANCELLED about 10 mins later because I manage to get the version I wanted on Amazon.

With that being said, I got charged the following day $529.99 which caused my account to overdraft. I thought with Best Buy we do not get charged for pre orders until the item ships. But, I just found out that WE DO if we pay using PayPal. 

Anyways, I canceled and on my PayPal it shows "Payment -  Refunded". I contacted my bank (Chase), and they said they don't see a refund request or request to release funds, something along these lines. Now, someone that has experienced, will the refund show, or should I keep nagging PayPal to see what's up?

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Re: PayPal Preorder Charge

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Hi, ChampOTF, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support. That's a lot of money to be waiting on, and I understand your concerns with this refund to your PayPal. Have you seen this refund back to your bank account since your post on Friday?


Happy to help,


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