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PayPal Pre-Order

It would be really nice if you would inform customers up front that you DO charge the full amount of the pre-order at the time the order is placed when paying through PayPal, instead of just stating on your site that you don't charge until your order ships, with absolutely no mention of this PayPal exception, unless you do a crap load of digging through the site. It should be clearly stated on all pre-order items pages. And before checking out using PayPal as a payment option. I have now been charged over $300 under the impression that the money wouldn't be taken out until the item shipped. Because nowhere, between me finding the items, adding them to my cart, and paying for the items, does it tell me that by paying for them with PayPal that I will be charged the full amount up front. 

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Re: PayPal Pre-Order

I agree. It'd be nice if it were somewhere easy to see as well, instead of hidden in a FAQ or something. It freaked me out when the money was removed from my account as I expected it to just be put on hold and then the hold removed. I was going to make a post to ask what was going on, but I saw your post and this post ( and it explained to me that PayPal is an exception where the full amount is removed for any pre-order instead of just being put on hold, because there isn't an authorization process through paypal. 


Maybe have it pop up when you're checking out or something? Just make it somewhere people can see it so they know it's going to be withdrawn and NOT just put on hold temporarily. They may need that money for something else such as rent or food, so seeing that money disappear when they expect it to just be put on hold would be a really crappy surprise. 


Lesson learned though, I suppose. 

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Re: PayPal Pre-Order

I apologize for commenting twice in a row - there's no editing function to edit posts.

That being said, I went to the FAQ mentioned in the link I posted, and there is nothing about PayPal in there. The staff member said that the FAQ would say that if you pre-order using PayPal or a BestBuy gift card you'd be charged automatically since there's no authorization process with those methods, unlike when you pre-order only using your card.

This really needs to be put somewhere people can see it.
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Re: PayPal Pre-Order

Hello, Syndexic,


We aim to make the pre-ordering experience as simple and welcoming as possible. One of the prerequisites for pre-ordering when using a Best Buy gift card or PayPal is that the payment has to be deducted at the time the order is submitted. You can get more information on this by reading the Entertainment Pre-Order FAQ.



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