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Package never delivered, and NO REFUND

I bought an Ipad Air on 8/13/22.  On 8/16/22 12:06pm, I received an email from BB indicating package has been delivered.  Immediately I texted my family at home to pick it up from front door.  Nothing was at front door.  

I contacted BB the same day, and they said they will send out replacement.   I did not receive any email or whatsoever on the replacement order, only a verbal tentative delivery date of 8/24/22 when I called Customer Support.  They said they needed time to investigate with ONTRAC.   On 8/24/22,  I received another email saying order has been delayed. 

I kept calling the customer support daily trying to get a clear delivery date.   Every CS agent I talked has not been able to help resolve the issue.  Eventually I told them to cancel the order and I wanted a refund.  They went a head to process the refund, at least according to the conversation.  In reality they did not.    5-6 days later,  I still did not see the refund coming in my CC, I called BB again, they said it will come when the 'investigation' is complete (Yeah, another lame investigation).  Soon after, I received email from Best buy saying that the investigation is now complete, and they will NOT REFUND.   Here is what is written in the email.    


"We have completed our investigation and are unable to provide a refund or replacement. All items on this order that have not already been fulfilled have been cancelled.

We encourage you to work with local law enforcement regarding this matter.


Your Customer Care Team"


Reading what other have posted in the forum makes me thing that this is a common problem that OnTrac/Best Buy are aware of and chose to neglect their customers.  I paid $440 and I did not receive anything, it is unbelievable to see a fraud being carried out by a large corporation like BB.  I will definitely file a Consumer Report and share it with the media.  



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Re: Package never delivered, and NO REFUND

Hi, Salvolino,


Welcome to our Forums page! We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here. I know it is frustrating to not receive a package that says delivered. I'd be happy to look into this further. Please hit the blue Private Message button near my signature and kindly provide me your name, phone number, and email so I am able to pull up the order and look further into this for you.



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Re: Package never delivered, and NO REFUND

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