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Package apparently lost by FedEx. Now what?



I ordered two A/C units online from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. One was delivered. The other has been stuck "in transit", with an expected delivery date of last week, at a FedEx facility since July 22. There have been no shipping updates since then. So I assume FedEx has lost it.


I filed a claim with FedEx, and their canned acknoweldgement noted: "If you are not the shipper we will need a shipper waiver authorization letter on the shipper's company letterhead waiving their right to file a claim on this shipment with the applicable tracking number."


Can Best Buy supply such a letter, or do you mke a direct claim with FedEx?


I appreciate any guidance. My immediate goal is to get refunded for the lost unit - and I don't know if Best Buy does that, or FedEx, or what? Please help!


Thank you.

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Re: Package apparently lost by FedEx. Now what?

Greetings, CalvarySummit!


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!!


I appreciate you reaching out to us regarding your order and choosing us for your purchase. Online shopping is meant to be convenient and simple. I understand where you’re coming from, as it’s never pleasant to find out an order has been delayed. While we do everything we can to ensure orders arrive quickly, sometimes there may be delays due to circumstances beyond our control.


Please, private message me with your order number, full name, phone number, and e-mail address. To send it, click on the “Private Message” button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing back from you.



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