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Overseas Order

Hello. FIrst, I have to say that this customer service method is nonsensical. There has to be a better way. Due to privacy information, I am unable to include persoan details for my entire message, which affect how I am able to receive proper support from you guys in a public forum. Ridiculous. Customer care representatives are helpful, but the company needs to do better for their customers.


I called customer care last night to discuss the status of my delivery, which caused me to incur international charges as there doesn’t seem to be a simpler way for overseas customers to make contact with customer support. The representative I spoke to was helpful, but I want to confirm the information she told me as I can’t wait until next week to find out if my package is on its way. It shows that it was delivered to what the customer rep said was your warehouse. What??? Why was it sent all around the eastern half of the States to then make its way to your warehouse? If I can contact someone directly to provide further detail, that would be greatly appreciated. I will not continue to incur international charges every time I need to speak with customer service regarding an order that was supposedly sent out almost three weeks ago. Thanks.

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Re: Overseas Order

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Hi there, EarthLady, 


Thanks for joining our community! We love having new members join. Though we do wish it were under better circumstances. As a quick note, you never have to post publicly. You can send a private message directly to any moderator instead. Moderators can be quickly identified by "-BBY" at the end of their name. So for me Faith-BBY appears. You can find us in the Meet the Moderator section or by clicking through other conversations. 


Keep in mind that by sending a private message, it will automatically be routed into our shared inbox. So, you do not need to send multiple. One message will get you to the first available representative. 


In this case, we will need a private message so we can gather the more sensitive information we wouldn't want shared publicly. There will be a darker colored box to the far right of my signature below labeled Private Message. Please use that to send us over your order number, phone number, full name, and email so that we can get started.  




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