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Outrageous experience

I cannot believe the terrible experience I've had and the stress I've been through since I placed my order online on June 17th. Prior to placing my order, I had contacted customer support to ask them 1)if I can order online now and choose the date of delivery (choose a day after July1st when I would move to my new apartment) 2)make sure that my order (5 pieces of furniture) would be transported inside my 4th floor apartment and not left to the lobby or curbside. I was reassured that I can choose the date of delivery, provided that that day is available and that they do transport up to the 5th floor. I just needed to make a note when I was checking out to avoid any surprises.

So, on June 17th, I placed my online order, worth over 1000 dollars. At check out, there was no place for me to write any comments or choose the date of delivery. All I got was a notifcation that the items would be delivered as soon as June 25th. I called customer service straight away. I was then told that I cannot choose the day of delivery and that they cannot hold onto to items and ship them a few days later. I was given the option to either cancel my order or go ahead and contact the courrier to reschedule the delivery. I did not want to risk that, so I asked that my order be cancelled and I was going to place it the following week so that the items would arrive after July 1st. I was then told that because a few minutes had passed while on the phone, the order could not be easily cancelled anymore and your representative said he would send an email to the warehouse requesting to cancel the order. I was told that this would effectively cancel my order and I should receive a confirmation email withn 12h.

The confirmation never came but instead on June 18th I got a notificatin that the items had been shipped! Stressed out I called customer support again but was told that the order had not and could not be cancelled. My only option would be to contact UPS and request that they change the delivery date. After all I had time as delivery was not scheduled until june 25th. Now, I bought on bestbuy and gave my money to you, so I don't know why I was asked to deal with another company. After all you gave me the wrong info that I could choose any date of delivery and based on that I ordered in advance. And you did nothing to help me, unwilling to hold or cancel my order. Instead, you had no problem cancelling 3 of the items I ordered as YOU could not secure inventory, even though they were marked as available when I placed the order.

Out of options and very stressed I called UPS, on June 18th, and was told that the items were being labeled and had not left best buy yet and was advised to call bestbuy to request them to hold them!!!I told them best buy already refused to do so. The UPS agent told me that he could not make the change at that time, I had to wait for the items to be shipped. I explained the situation and stressed the urgency and was told it's never too late to make a change, the driver can be called at anytime. I told them I would call them back the following day, still believing delivery would not happen until June 25th (also confirmed this on their website, entering my tracking numbers). Yesterday, June 19th, I received an email notification that my items had been delivered. In a state of panic I left work in rush and hopped into a taxi. My items, a desk and dresser, had been dumped to the lobby of a building I don't currently live in (moving there July 1st). The current tenant buzzed them in not knowing what was going on and they dumped the items and left before he had a chance to go downstairs and talk to them. He was kind enough to agree to keep the items until I move in and then the 2 of us had to transport 80lb furniture up to the 4th floor without an elevator, risking getting injured or worse. The building management does not allow big objects left in the lobby. I don't weigh more than 110lb so you can imagine my experience. Despite all my phone calls and efforts to avoid any unpleasant surprises even before I placed my order, I cannot believe this was the outcome and cannot imagine what would happen to a more naive person who would not know to make these inquiries. I was lucky you could not secure inventory for 3 of the items and they were not delivered. This is the most outrageous thing that has happened to me and I want to make a formal complaint. I need the name of the person to whom I can write a formal letter. And before you point the finger at UPS, let me tell you that I've already initiated a complaint process with them too, but ultimately you are more responsible, since you are the company I ordered from and you need to be held accountable for your partners. In a matter of hours I got in trouble at work, leaving early, in trouble with the building management I haven't even moved in yet, risking getting injured and having to rely on the kindness of a stranger. All that because I placed an order on best buy. Words are not enough to express my indignation and outrage.

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Re: Outrageous experience

Hi there, Joannap!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums!


I understand you have some concerns regarding an order that you recently placed with us for some furniture for your new apartment. We appreciate you considering Best Buy for your apartment furniture needs! As it turns out, I am also planning on moving in to a new apartment in July, and are facing some of the same troubles you are as I try to plan ahead and order some furniture. I know it can be stressful to try and organize and plan deliveries to take place on or around a move in day.


As for your order, it sounds like the items that you ordered weren’t eligible for what we call Home Delivery or scheduled delivery, which would allow us to pick the day of delivery and delivery the items inside your new apartment. This service can typically be found on large appliances or larger TVs. On other items, we would typically ship your items using a regular mail carrier such as UPS or USPS. I do apologize for any frustration this experience may have caused as it sounds like there may have been some misinformation provided regarding the delivery of your new furniture. I can imagine how disappointing it must have been to think that your packages haven’t been shipped yet, to later find out that they were delivered to your new home’s lobby! I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number

To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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