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Orders Immediately Cancelled

After being a loyal Best Buy Customer for over 7 years. I have had some packages stolen from my house I have purchased late Dec 2021 and had to dispute it with Paypal. I won the dispute, after I have given the information BestBuy wanted e.g Police Report, and etc. Proof that I didn't have anything. 

Fast forward to now, all of my attempts to get anything shipped to my address immediately gets cancelled. I even tried to order it in store to ship to my house, and still got cancelled. 


I personally think its been flagged or blocked or something, any kind of customer service rep I talk to don't know anything nor tell me anything. If this doesn't get fixed I will take my business elsewhere where I am treated fairly. The transparency doesn't exist with Best Buy and it's sad since I have been buying and going to you guys for over 7 years with a little over 10k spent. 

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Re: Orders Immediately Cancelled

Was the dispute for a high dollar amount? It's possible your account is barred from making online purchases from winning the dispute. I am not saying that you are comitting fraud or anything but Best Buy does have protections in place to protect their merchandise and customer remdedies when items did not arrive. When they told you that you had to file a police report, that would be their final say and that law enforcement needs to be involved.


If this is the case you are more than welcome to shop in store for items but going forward if Best Buy's answer to your question would be the dispute, etc, that would be final and you would no longer be permitted to shop online. 


Hang tight for their response. 

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Re: Orders Immediately Cancelled

Hello, joshuasalta,


Thank you for joining us here on the Best Buy Forums. I understand the confusion this may cause, and would be happy to see if there is any additional information I may be able to provide you. 


Kindly send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with some more details on the situation, including relevant order number(s).

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Re: Orders Immediately Cancelled

Pm’d you.