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Ordering from

I have a question about Why make the items available to be seen nationally but limit the item available to pickup only withing 250 miles of a bestbuy near you? If the item one is trying to purchase isnt available in the 250 mile range of you why have the item show up as available to purchase at all? Just seems like a bad business practice and a quick way to annoy customers 


 Sorry if this is a repeat question and sorry if its posted in the wrong place, and if someone is wanting to know this does purtain to a GPU i had in cart and the checkout refused to proceed because the GPU wasnt in my area.

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Re: Ordering from

Items are generally available online but your local area may not have stock of them. Please note that the inventory can change quick. So you may not be able to get one in your locale.  Best to call the store to confirm.

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