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Ordered a laptop, still hasn’t arrived

I bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro about a week or so ago, and I was told that it would be here by Thursday of that same week. I checked the tracking for the laptop on that same Thursday in the afternoon and it said that it wasn’t in the store yet. I thought it was a glitch or something since that wasn’t the first time I’ve looked at a tracked package and said that it was still being delivered when I already received it. So anyways, I went to customer service to see if my package was there and they said it wasn’t and that I had to wait longer. Things happen, I get it. I just look at my order and it says “Package should be ready for pickup on June 13th” which is that same Thursday. It’s Sunday night, almost Monday, and the tracking bar still hasn’t moved since last week. I just want to know about my package and when I will be getting my laptop because I really am finding this kind of ridiculous that I’ve been given a time to collect my laptop but it isn’t there. Hopefully I get a response soon, thanks!
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Re: Ordered a laptop, still hasn’t arrived

Sounds strange indeed. The estimated time may have passed. Could be an inventory issue.


Best to wait for an Official Best Buy Response. 

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