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Ordered a digital full game: it takes two but got a free trial version

I ordered a digital game: it takes two at using this link:, it costs me $40.


Then I received a code to redeem and download the game on my switch, but it turns out it is just a friend pass, a free trial version, not a full game, and at the same time I noticed the only review in the link, the guy has the same issue, bought the full game but got a trial version, he contacted BestBuy, Nintendo, and EA, but he didn't get the issue fixed, and lost his money. Here is what he said: This only lets you download the trial version of the game and says to buy the full game again. I have spent the last 6 hours on the phone with BestBuys, EA and Nintendos support center. They wont refund it, they wont replace it, or really do anything. So im out $40


I am in the same situation, after redeeming the code on my switch, it shows I still need to buy the full game, and I cannot download or play the full game, I contacted BestBuy, and the agent said lots of people have the same issue, they will give me an answer in up to 48 hours and gave me a case number, but 8 days passed, I didn't get any update, any emails, any phone calls. I called them again, the agent asked me to contact EA and Nintendo, this is ridiculous, BestBuy charged me, but asks me to contact the publisher, it is not my responsibility to argue with or contact a thirty party.


I contacted Nintendo, this is what they said:If you were sold a download code that was only the Friend Pass and not the full game from Best Buy, we can only suggest to work with the retailer or EA\Electronic Arts. They asked me to contact BestBuy and EA. obviously, they all find the best way to fix the issue.


Bestbuy is not willing to fix the issue, they just want me to contact other companies, although I give my money to them, just like the guy in the review, I can do nothing, I lost $40 too.






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Re: Ordered a digital full game: it takes two but got a free trial version

Hello, laozhupeiqi.

Welcome to the Community Forums.  We are happy to have you reach out to us here.  I can understand the excitement behind purchasing a digital game and how it would be frustrating to not be able to download.  I would be happy to look into this for you!

To get started, would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number.  You can do so by clicking the blue button next to my signature.







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