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Ordered Open Box Excellent, Received Satisfactory; No longer available online, can I refund the diff

I purchased an open box iPad Pro in "excellent" condition online. It was supposed to arrive in 3 or 4 days, but due to multiple issues, it arrived 2 and a half weeks later. I opened the package tonight, and the iPad was not in great condition. Smudges/residue all over the screen, completely dead battery, and the cable and usb-c charger were missing. The security seal on the box was also not in tact. I looked at the open box label, and it said the condition was "satisfactory". Great. 


I called customer service, and after 40 minutes they proved to be no help. They said all I could do was return the item for a refund or go into the store to see if they could help. Returning wasn't an option, because in the ridiculously long time it took for my order to arrive, the open box items (as well as the new ones) all sold out. Even if they hadn't sold out, to wait another estimated 9 days to get the product, in addition eating the cost of 2 ipads while waiting for the funds to clear my bank account after returning the first one are not tenable solutions. In my opinion, there's really only one solution here, which is to have Best Buy refund the difference between what I paid for (open box excellent) and what I actually received (open box satisfactory), about a 70 dollar difference. And really, the iPad I received was more in "fair" condition, given vital accessories are missing. But I'd have settled for satisfactory. That seems perfectly fair to me.


So I went to the store tonight, per the customer service people's suggestion. I explained the situation, and the employees understood and agreed that this was a fair and reasonable solution. However, the employees couldn't figure out how to  actually do this. A supervisor (very, very friendly and helpful -- she went above and beyond) tried for 30 minutes to find a way to refund me the difference, but couldn't. It seems like Best Buy hamstrings its employees, and won't let them complete such simple operations as refunding the difference between an item ordered and an item received.


One other thing to note: in the time it took for my order to arrive to me, the price of the item (new and open box) dropped. I know Best Buy will price match their own price drops, so I asked the store employees if this was one such way, but the supervisor said she tried that, and the system wouldn't let her. It seems absurd to me that because (a) UPS is completely incompetent, (b) the workers who shipped me my order were incompetent, and (c) Best Buy's system is apparently so incompetent as to not allow its own employees to correct these errors, my choice is to either miss out on this open box deal entirely, or to accept that I received an item that was worth $70 less than what I paid for because of an error that Best Buy seems unwilling or unable to fix.


I've been a very loyal Best Buy shopper for a very long time. I would qualify for Elite, Elite+ or similar tiers for years. However, when the company suddenly ended these programs this year, even after I had gone out of my way to spend money at the store to qualify, I was so turned off that I seriously curbed my spending there. The one redeeming option for me was the availabiltiy of open box items, but after this terrible experience, I don't think even that will save my desire to shop there. How far this company has fallen. Time to shop elsewhere.

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Re: Ordered Open Box Excellent, Received Satisfactory; No longer available online, can I refund t...



Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We appreciate you reaching out regarding a product you received that did not arrive as advertised. This isn't the experience we want our customers to have. I would love to assist and see what's possible. Can you please send over a private message with your full name, phone number, email address and order number? You can click on "Private Message" right next to my signature.


Kind regards, 

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