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Order refund status


I made an order online for 2 items .
And i opened the package and only received 1 of the items
I have contacted best buy customer service yesterday via chat and they gave me a case id number and told me I should get a email confirmation about the refund… but I didn’t receive it how can i see or ask about the refund status ?

Thank you
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Re: Order refund status

Hi there, Cycona,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here at our community forums. I know I do most of my shopping online and can imagine your surprise to open this package only to see of of the products you ordered missing. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get in touch with our chat agents and bring this to our attentions.


Depending on the form of payment used, it can take up to one billing cycle for this refund to appear on your statement. Generally, these funds will be available in your account earlier than this. If you'd like, I can check on the status of this case to make sure everything is processing normally.


I will need some more information in order to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Case number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post across from my name. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order refund status

Are you at my refund status
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Re: Order refund status

Hello, Mikelw726,


Welcome to our Community Forums!


Thanks for checking in with us. We can look into the status of your refund. Send over a Private Message with your full name, phone number, email address, and pertinent transaction information. Click the blue button next to my signature to ensure your information remains private. We look forward to hearing back.



Andy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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