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Order placed 11/8 now delayed until 12/14, it is available in my store, why can't I just pick it up?

I ordered a Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock on 11/8, it was supposed to be here by my sons birthday which was 11/14. I received an email about the delay on 11/13 and figured no big deal, that I could wait a couple of days.  It now says on my order that the expected delivery date is 12/14 which is rediculous. 


I've been really patient but figuring it was stuck or there was a problem I chatted with CS once and have now called twice and the customer support has been horrible, they told me the same thing, that it is ready and awaiting the shipper and that it will be here by 12/14.  I told all 3 agents that there are plenty available at my local store and that I could go pick it up instead and they said that due to the status that the order cannot be changed to in-store pick up or even cancelled.  I paid with PayPal so I've already been charged for it and I don't really want to wait and make it a Christmas present instead of birthday present.


I have had no luck with contacting customer support directly so I'm trying this forum.  Can an agent on this board please help me with my order?  I'd prefer not to cancel the order because I bought it on sale for a good price, I'd be happy to pick it up in store and I know the store has them because I saw them on the shelf today. I'm not sure what is going on but I really think somehow this order got stuck in some kind of pending status or something and I could really use some assistance.  Thank you for any help I can get.

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Re: Order placed 11/8 now delayed until 12/14, it is available in my store, why can't I just pick...

Hello, clutchyamas,


Thank you for connecting with our team here on the Best Buy Forums. We appreciate your patience while waiting for our reply. That sure sounds like a neat gift, and something I’d like to learn more about myself! I can certainly understand requesting support, especially considering you had this planned for your son’s special day. We’d be happy to look further into your order, in effort to see what might be holding things up.


If you still require assistance with this order, please send us a private message with your full name, email address, telephone, and order numbers. To send these details privately, just select the button to the far right of my name below, and anyone on our team should be able to access your order history.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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