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Order placd on on August 16 and I am in LIMBO Land and no one at Best Buy can figure it out!

Please Help,


I ordered SKU 645578 on August 16th. It was an online order and it could only be delviered to my address. I scheduled delivery on 8/25. Got a call on 8/24 stating that they had not recieved (assumed it was from Sony). They rescheduled it for 9/2. I got a call on 9/1 statingthat it would be delivered afternoon of 9/2 from 1-4pm. At 5pm I call the 888-BEST-Buy number as it had not arrived. They stated that they did not have enough drivers to deliver package and they assured me that the TV as in the warehouse location in Denver (Aurora). Today, I went to warehouse and they said I would have to change from delivery to pick up, which I did by calling in again to escalation. Once changed, I asked to pick up TV and then they stated that they do NOT have the TV at this location. OMG! Gotta love the irony here. So now I have a order that shows PICK UP at the location where I was at that they say they do not have. I am now on hold for the 8th time for this order and NO ONE CAN HELP! Hence why I am posting in this forum. I ahve a few questions if someone can help me directly once I PM you my order number.

1) Looking for the record of shipping/tracking from location A to the Aurora warehouse location. No one can provide this to me after 8 hours on phone calls AND going to the warehouse.

2) Need someone to let me know they REAL time to get TV. A true and accurate ETA.

3) Switch my order from pickup to delivery (back to original) if shipping in a timely manor.

4) Get a TV ordered correctly and shipping to my address.

5) If unable to provide, I would like to cancel my order that was made with Best Buy physical gift cards that I have thrown away based on attaching them to a valid order. I would want to get a REFUND on the gift cards as they were purchased to buy this TV AND I will never be shopping at Best Buy again.


About 10 hours of my life has been spent on this train wreck and would love someone knowledgable in all BB systems to get this addressed....



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Re: Order placd on on August 16 and I am in LIMBO Land and no one at Best Buy can figure i...

Hey there, Hombre,


Thank you so much for reaching out here on our community forum. Although, I do wish it were under better circumstances. I can understand how these delays are never good. We never want to make it difficult to get the items you want and need.


I would be more than happy to investigate and get this properly documented here at our Corporate Campus for further review. In order to do so, kindly private message me using the button below and to the right of my signature, your:


Full name
Phone number
Email address
Order number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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