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Order delayed again and again, cannot get answers

I placed an order for a grill on 6/6/22. During purchase, it gave me the option of pick up or delivery for the same date, 6/10, so I opted for Delivery.


Come 6/9, my appointment shows as needing to be re-schedule and I contact support who advises it's been delayed as they need more inventory and it will be a week. This was upsetting, as online showed several locations in the area near me with stock, but I was told this was "not updated". It was pretty frustrating that myself and other customers are able to place orders with the expectation that their items would be delivered on time, all the while, there was no inventory.


My order has been delayed now 4 times. Every few days, I get texts, emails, and calls that "it's time to schedule my appointment" only to find options for delivery 2-3 weeks later. No call from anyone from Best Buy providing answers as to if this will even be the actual delivery date. I had a customer advocate call from corporate, which I was relieved about, she provided her direct contact, and told me to reach out whenever. Since her call, I've been prompted to reschedule twice and I cannot reach her. I have called every day and get her voicemail stating "I am out of the office until April 4th". It is June 24, 2022, so no information on when she will return and just so very frustrating that I cannot speak with someone familiar with the issue. When I asked chat support for another customer advocate, they said they had no idea what I was talking about and the call must have been a scammer.


I have spent over 5 hours trying to get answers from someone either through Chat or by Phone and every time, it ends in the same thing. "I can change your delivery date for you". No answers as to when inventory will actually be available and my order will be definitively be delivered. No follow up calls. No explanations. 


Now knowing how impossible it is to get answers when you need it from Best Buy Customer Service, I have every intent of cancelling my Best Buy Credit Card. I have always considered myself a really understanding person. I understand supply and labor shortage. It is the lack of follow through and realistic expectations being set that is upsetting. This was a gift and will be over 6 weeks late.

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Re: Order delayed again and again, cannot get answers

Hi there, gny,


Thank you for joining the Forums and for reaching out to us today.


I can understand your feelings regarding a delayed order, especially with it being a gift. I would be happy to take a look to see what details I can provide. To begin, please send me a private message with the order number, as well as your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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