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Order cancelled immediately

Hi- I just opened a Best Buy card last week and used it to buy something for myself. Went through fine. 
Then I saw a deal and wanted to buy it for someone else. But that order got cancelled. I tried it again and it got cancelled again. The message was something about being unable to verify my information. 
I'm guessing this is because I'm not shipping to my verified address? But then how would one buy a gift for someone at another location? I do this all the time with Amazon and other online retailers for friends/family who live in another state. Why won't the system let me do it? Is there some sort of lock or verification code or something I have to give? Thanks!


PS. I hope we can fix this while the item I want is still on sale!

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Re: Order cancelled immediately

As long as the billing address matches what's on file with your credit card, you should be able to ship an order to another address. That said, can't ship to certain places such, freight forwarders, some commerical addresses, and some PO Boxes. Order Shipping

Why Was My Order Cancelled?

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