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Order Status

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I placed an order for Apple Airpods (Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}) on Feb 09 2019 at Bestbuy Store. They were out of stock in store so order was placed in store to be delivered/shipped home on Feb 13 2019.


I did not receive the package and there was no reference or tracking no the order detail. On Feb 14 2019 I logged in to to check the status and it was updated to Preparing, so I reached out to Bestbuy online chat support and was told the product is backorder and will receive email when it's available and shipped.


I order the Airpods as birthday gigt for my daughter which was on March 13, so I went to store in first week of March and was tols the product is still backorder and they are expecting shippement from Apple in mid March. I kept checking online and it was still at Preparing status.


Last week when I was checking the status, the order status was updated to Shipped with tracking number of {removed per forum guidelines}


When I went to track the package with UPS, it state 
Label Created on 02/11/20195:04 P.M. (Shipment Ready for UPS)
(I was surprised to see the date of Feb 11 2019, but didn't care)


Since last week it's at the same status, so I went back to BestBuy store today March 25 2019 and I was told to call the customer care. The response I received from the custome care was unbelievable and shocking. 


"The order was shipped to me on Feb 11 2019 and it's out of the support window so I need to call and follow-up with UPS and file a complaint. There is nothing BestBuy can do."


First I was speechless, I didn't expect such unprofessional service. Speciall from Bestbuy and I am an elite member.

I am not sure where did I go wrong or what more I could have done except cancelling order when it was not delivered to me first time. My daughter was waiting patiently for more than a month for her Airpods.


I insisted the order was never shipped and the order status was "Preparing" untill last week which is around/after mid March 2019 so how I am out of support window. The order logs should provide those details.

Below is the response I have received from UPS:


The sender has created a label for your shipment. As soon as we receive it, we’ll show additional scans and the delivery date. For deliveries to your home you can receive alerts using UPS My Choice®.

If it has been several days since this scan was created and you need assistance, please contact the sender. 


Who should I follow up?

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Re: Order Status

Moderator - please remove the Order number and UPS tracking number from the post. Thank you
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Re: Order Status

Hi there, slahoti!


Welcome to our Best Buy Forum community!


We know you put a lot of thought in to finding that perfect gift for your daughter, so we appreciate that you decided to place your AirPods order with us. That said, the experience you described is far from the one we aimed to provide.


Although I wish things with this order had gone differently, I'm glad you came to us for help. I know how I would feel if my order was delayed due to being stuck in "Preparing" only to be told later I was outside of the support time frame. That doesn't seem right, so I'd be happy to take a look in to your order so we can explore our options. 


Using the "Private Message" option in my signature, please verify the following:


  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

I look forward to hearing from you with that information!





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