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Order Status "In Progress" for 2 Weeks (and then ignored by customer service)

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Let me start by saying that I’ve been a longtime fan of Best Buy (BB).  I’ve been an Elite Member for a few years now. The customer service at their stores, the ease of online ordering (and pickup), etc. has been absolutely wonderful. However, my experience tonight their phone-based customer service has left me feeling unsettled.


Two weeks ago, I placed an order for a recently discontinued MacBook (12”, Silver) on the Best Buy website.  The MacBook was available in Gold and Silver, both the same price.  I opted for the Silver.  The site indicted the product was in stock and would be sent to me after the order was processed.  My (Best Buy) credit card was debited for the cost of the MacBook.


Cut to two weeks later—I log into my account on the Best Buy website and the order is still listed as “in progress.”  I’ve never had an order take such a long time, so I phoned BB customer service.  After some researching on their end, I was told that the product was on “unknown backorder” and would be shipped as soon as it was available.  However, I was also told that if it was not available within the next 14 days, my order would be cancelled and I would be refunded my money.  I quickly checked the BB website and saw that the Gold color MacBook (the one I had passed on two weeks earlier) was still available for shipment. 


Slightly upset, I asked the customer service representative if they would be could supplement the Silver MacBook on backorder for the exact same product in Gold (which was readily available).  I was met with a solid negative response.  The representative was stern and adamant.  I tried to explain that had I known that the Silver MacBook was out of stock I would have ordered the equally-priced Gold one. 


The representative wouldn’t budge.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on hold for a few moments.  When the representative returned to the call, he reiterated his stance.  I asked once again to speak with a supervisor, insisting that had I known I may not get the product I ordered, I would have certainly placed an order for the one which was then (and still currently) available.  I was placed on hold once again.


When he returned, I was told that I could order the Gold MacBook with a discount of 10% (which was still $50 more than I had originally paid for the Silver) but that was all they could do.  When I pressed further, I was told that “Apple restricts the phone sales of their products.”


Incredibly shocked by this new approach toward customer service, I pressed further and once again asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for another 10 minutes before speaking with Joseph (ID #{removed per forum guidelines}.  To make an otherwise long-story short, he was dismissive, short, and blamed me for not being able to hear him well (it sounded like he had his microphone far from his mouth).  I asked with whom I could speak or to whom I could write about my concerns and he stated, “I’m the last person at this level you’re going to speak with.”  I was flabbergasted.


This is not the experience I expect from Best Buy.  I have never been treated with such disrespect and been made to feel so incompetent.  I’m ready to cancel by Best Buy credit card and take my business elsewhere.

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Re: Order Status "In Progress" for 2 Weeks (and then ignored by customer service)

Hi there, ngrosskopf!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


I understand that you have some concerns regarding a recent order that you placed with us online. We never intend on disappointing our customers, and would be happy to take a look into this for you and see what may be possible at this time with regards to your order. It looks like we may also be working with you on Twitter, and ask that you check there for our response to your tweets, as we would be more than happy to look into this and see how we can be of best assistance to you here! 



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