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Order Mistakes and Roundabout Customer Service for a TV

I ordered am LG CX 65 yesterday on 10/28 for pickupthat day at a location near me. When I arrived, the employees there felt that my SUV wasn't large enough to transport the TV and convinced me to have it delviered instead on 11/4. "Where's the harm?" I thought, "it sounds like it's for the best." They went inside, changed the order, and said ut was all set.


Later, my father texted me to tell me he was receiving e-mails about a TV delivery. Apparently my original order for pickup had been marked as "returned" and a new order was placed using my father's profile information. While we do share a first name, he lives is a different state, and we have distinct member numbers.


This started my first call. I explained what happened and the delivery was upodated to my actual adress with an earliest delivery of 11/11. A little furstrated by the situation I said fine and was told I would receive an e-mail about the updates. No e-mail. Later my father forwards me all the updates (still going to his e-mail) and I try virtual chat this time. 


Explain my situation, am told I need to be transfered to the "concerned department" and then the virtual chat crashes telling me if I want to continue with the chat to refresh. Once refreshing the chat, it started the process over so I decided to call again.


I spoke with someone else and made sure all of the information was correct on the order. Name, address, phone number, e-mail, and member number and was assured that it was. I was again told 11/11 was the earliest delviery date but I would get an e-mail is an earlier one became available. Further, I was told I would get an e-mail reflecting the changes made.


New day, no e-mail. I call again and am told that everything looks right on the order and I coudl add it to my account so I can see it. Get transfered. Get told that I can't add it to my accoutn until it's delviered.


Transferred again. Am told that all the information is correct but I have no way of verifying or seeing that. No e-mail, not online, no where. I further cannot reschedule or even cancel the order online using my account, phone number, order number, etc. Am told that if I want to do anything with this order I have to continue to call.


So what should have been a same day pickup of my TV has now turned into 3 hours with customer service, no record, and receiving the TV 2 weeks later all for my convenience.


At this point, I may as well cancel my order and do it else where. Then I could at least see the order somewhere.

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Re: Order Mistakes and Roundabout Customer Service for a TV

Welcome to our forums, RBTurner,


While I wish your visit to our Support Forums were under more fortunate circumstances, I do appreciate you taking the time to connect with us and share your experience.  From what you’ve described, I can certainly understand your frustration with not only the new delivery date, but the lack of visibility into the status of your order as well.


While we’ll be unable to update the email address of an order after it’s been placed, you may still be able to utilize our Guest Order Lookup Tool to keep an eye on your order, and stay up to date on any changes in its status. 


I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.



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