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Order Delayed with no Pickup Date



I placed an order back on 1/05 for a graphics card that initially said it would be ready for pickup on 1/11. On that date I received an email saying it was delayed without a date for pickup. I tried reaching out to customer service which was not helpful at all. I was asking if they could check the tracking on it to see if it shipped or not and I was told varying things from its ready in the store already to its out of stock and they werent sure if I would get it. I tried to call the store direct but you can no longer do so as it redirects to the main Best Buy call center. I eventually went to the store to try to find out more information. The manager there eventually was able to check the tracking and see where the product was coming from via the tracking. At the time of last week, it hadn't yet left the manufacturer. Its frustating as the store received other cards from the same manufacturer and I know people who ordered the same card and reveived theirs already. 


I wanted to see if i could get some assistance with this as the generic customer service has proved to be not very helpful and I'm just given the runaround every time I reach out. 

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Re: Order Delayed with no Pickup Date

Hello, brewski6613.


Thank you for reaching out to us through our forums. I'm currently working on a micro itx build right now, and I would be frustrated too if I was in your situation. I would like to go into depth with your order and to find out what is happening. In order to go into more detail, could you reach out to us through private message? Please let me know as soon as possible.


Thank you,

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Re: Order Delayed with no Pickup Date

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Re: Order Delayed with no Pickup Date

Riley, I sent you a PM as requested