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Order Delayed After Needing Next Day Shipping



I ordered a camera I needed after the website said I would receive it within a day's time, as I needed it for a project this weekend. It seemed convenient to order online, but now I'm told I may not have it until June 1, at which point it might be canceled altogether. While not in stock at my nearest store, it was in stock at every other store in the state, including ones within 50 miles of me.


I figured I would just cancel the online order, get my money refunded, and then go purchase the camera in-person at the next nearest Best Buy.


Except the website has grayed out the options and will not let me cancel the order. It is exceptionally frustrating that something the website said would be delivered the next day now may not come in for a month, if at all when I was counting on it being here for the weekend.

Can something be done about this, or am I just out of luck?

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Re: Order Delayed After Needing Next Day Shipping

Good morning, Brazan, 


I'd be happy to explore any options that may be available to lend a helping hand!  I'll just need to take a closer look at your order and confirm some order information first.  Thank you for asking for help on the Best Buy forums!

I'll just need some more information to look at your ordering information. Please share with me your order number by clicking the blue button in my signature line below!

This would be a good start, but I wish to make sure your personal and private information remain your own by working with you out of the public eye. I'm looking forward to working with you very soon!


JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order Delayed After Needing Next Day Shipping

In case anyone comes across this while having a similar problem, it's been taken care of.


JJ was a big help!