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Order Cancelled without explanation, missed 400$ Sale

I’ve always had good experiences with Best Buy in the past, but this online ordering experience was another story. I found a laptop on sale on both Amazon and Best Buy, and it was an awesome deal (400$ off). I decided to go with Best Buy because I trusted them more than Amazon. I chose in-store pickup. On the day my order was supposed to be ready, I drove to the store. Since I hadn’t received confirmation that it was ready yet, I asked a Best Buy employee what the status was. He told me it was out for delivery, and so it should be here Friday. No problem. I received an email shortly after this saying my order had been delayed.


I went in a few days later, still not having received a confirmation that my order was ready (this was Saturday I believe, a day after the employee said it should arrive). Another employee told me that the item was “at the store,” but hadn’t been shipped yet. He said they were likely waiting on UPS or the postal service. I brought up to the employee that my order status page was telling me my order would be cancelled on Wednesday if it was not able to be completed. The employee said not to worry, “it shouldn’t get cancelled.” I went home not very reassured and still confused about that the issue was. On Monday I decided to contact Best Buy support to find out what was going on. I specifically asked about my order being cancelled, because I didn’t want to miss out on the 400$ sale. Honestly, if I had known it would be this much trouble, I would have just purchased through Amazon. The Best Buy representative told me the item was coming directly from the manufacturer and so delays were not uncommon. I told him I understood, this year has made things difficult for shipping. I asked again about my order being cancelled, and he said, “please don’t worry, your order will not be cancelled.”


Having been this reassured, I resigned myself to just waiting for an email to tell me my order was ready. I was surprised and irritated to receive an email Wednesday saying that my order has been cancelled. I had basically just lost 400$ on the laptop I was planning to purchase, as the laptop sale was now over. I should have purchased it through Amazon.

I really like Best Buy, so it was extra frustrating to have this much poor communication and customer service from a brand I thought I could trust. Everyone I spoke with was polite and tried to help, but it’s clear that no one really knew what was going on with my order. And that was frustrating. I’ll definitely pause before ordering with Best Buy in the future, especially with online orders.


I apologize for the long post, but I at the very least wanted some sort of explanation for what happened with my order. Thanks for any help or response you can give,



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Re: Order Cancelled without explanation, missed 400$ Sale

Hello there, Aidan,


So far, I’ve had the good fortune never to have had an order cancelled, but there were times that it seemed pretty touch and go.  Certainly, out intention is never to disappoint any customer by cancelling their order, especially when others have stated the order looks fine.


While I hate to be the one to have to correct my fellow colleagues, not order from is ever 100% guaranteed, more information on that can be found in our Terms & Conditions found here.


With that being said, I’d like to make sure that your situation is recorded so that our training teams can make sure our agents are not providing incorrect information to our customers.  If you would be kind enough to send me a private message with your full name, email address, phone number, and order number, I’ll get that documented for you.  You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.


Thanks for posting,

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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