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Order Canceled

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I placed an order during your black friday specials for a set of 4 kitchen appliances, adding up to roughly $4,000. I had to wait until January for delivery but I decided to place the order, to take advantage of the savings of close to 40% off, and gift cards . For your reference, that order number is {removed per forum guidelines}. I checked earlier this week, and I was able to move my delivery date up to January 9th. However, I also realized I was missing 2 of the protection plans so I went ahead and added them. Unfortunately, Amex declined one of those transactions, and I got a message from Best Buy that there was a problem with my payment information. It wouldn't let me update it online, so I decided to call directly. I was transferred to an agent, who took down my new card information, and he confirmed everything was charged and I was all set.
However, this is where the nightmare began. My order was ultimately cancelled by Best Buy due to payment issues, even though I had already paid for my appliances, and the only payment issue was for a charge of $123.04. This morning I checked to see if there was a delivery update, to find out that my order was completely cancelled, and they even processed a refund! I decided to call, and hope this would be a simple solution for the agent to essentially reinstate my order, since it was such a simple error. I was extremely wrong about this.
I have spent about 3-4 hours on the phone with your customer service team, endlessly providing my information, explaining my lengthy story to try and provide as many details as possible, and tried every single strategy I see my own customers try to get attention. I tried the angry customer, I tried the nice customer, I tried everything. I even asked for supervisors, and I would just get bounced around to other departments, who knew nothing about my case as the agents clearly were not writing notes, and could not help me. At some point, I was even transferred to an actual store, where they couldn't help me, and said only 1800Bestbuy could help my situation. I was hung up to a couple of times as well. Overall, the answer I kept getting is that the agent could not match those prices because they didn't have authorization, and they would transfer me to the person who could authorize, which was a flat out lie.
I spoke to the Geek squad team, who explained to me they were essentially a Tier 2 response team so they could help me. During one of about 5 tries with a Geek Squad team member, they actually received approval to re-place my order, but could not add my gift cards. I said ok no problem, they started working on the order, she stated she wouldn't put me on hold just in case she had any questions, and the call dropped. Later on, I learned that if your phone system hears silence for a certain amount of time, it automatically hangs up the call.
I also spoke to the appliances team, who everyone said was the only team that could get approval for the price match. Even though it wasn't my fault the entire order was cancelled, because it was already paid for, multiple times they simply would just transfer me out, many times to just random departments. I could tell the agent just simply did not care to deal with my situation. 
I was finally lucky enough to speak to an agent in the Geek Squad team, named Alonso, who explained to me how many times he hears this situation, and how difficult it actually is for anyone to help me. I was then also told my items were on backorder, and that no one would be allowed to order those items at the same price due to company policy. 
I then asked to try one more time with the appliance department, where someone was finally nice enough to finally request a supervisor. Her name was Regina W. out of a National Call Center in the Midwest. She had me explain my entire situation, and told me that the order was cancelled due to lack of funding, and that Best Buy policy was to not match. I explained to her that the credit card issue was only with the protection plan, and that Best Buy should not have cancelled the appliances order that I paid for almost 2 months ago. She was extremely rude, and basically said that it didn't matter what it was about, that it was my fault for not having funds. I explained how I even called to give a new credit card, and she told me she couldn't see that, even though an agent earlier had confirmed that information was in my records.
My appliances are now much more expensive, I have wasted my entire day pointlessly hoping someone from your team can have a little empathy for a customer, that just needed help, and I now have NO APPLIANCES as I donated my old appliances in preparation for today's delivery.

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Re: Order Canceled

Hi there, jnavas1.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our online community. A new set of kitchen appliances is definitely something to be excited about, and we appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. It is always recommended to consider the Geek Squad Protection (GSP), as that provides some peace of mind, when unexpected issues present themselves. While it is great to know you wanted to take advantage of those benefits, we’re sorry to learn there were payment issues, which ultimately contributed to the order being cancelled.


When our customers request support, our teams should be communicating effectively. This would include avoiding unnecessary transfers and longer wait times, whenever possible. What you’ve described certainly does not reflect that expectation, and we appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of what transpired. If you’re still in need of support, we would be happy to discuss this with you. You’re welcomed to send a Private Message, where we can verify the necessary information.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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