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Order Canceled because of Shipt

I ordered a laptop, discounted due to a Cyber Monday sale. But apparently the Shipt deliverer couldn't deliver it and my order was entirely canceled.


Why was my order cancelled instead of delayed? My place isn't difficult to find, it's right on any maps app.

And now Best Buy is trying to force me to purchase the same product for couple hundred more dollars?

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Re: Order Canceled because of Shipt

An update:

I managed to contact my local Best Buy where the item was picked up from by the Shipt deliverer.

The notes state the the driver was unable to find my house and cancelled my order (unusual because my house is a stone's throw from the road and easy to find).


The local representative stated that they could see the order and information but that the return process could not be canceled and the original price could not be honored.


I purchased this laptop at $699 and now the price has gone up to $1,149 and I'm being asked to create a new order at this much higher price point.


This is an extremely frustrating bait-and-switch experience to be promised a certain price, have my order cancelled, and then asked to purchase the same item at a much higher price.


I will absolutely drive to a store to pick up my order or pay to have it shipped by a real carrier but apparently the return cannot be stopped. It's disconcerting to make such a large purchase and then have the order canceled because of a single driver's actions and an inflexible system.


I've lost a significant amount of faith in purchasing with Best Buy, I'd much rather pay more money with a different retailer to reliably get my item than to lock my money into a purchase only to have it returned in about 2 weeks. Please do try to make this right, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Order Canceled because of Shipt

Hello, YipManDan.

Thanks for reaching out, though I wish it were under better circumstances.  It's unfortunate you've had a negative experience with us and I would be glad to look into this and see what options may be available.  Please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number.  You can do so by clicking the blue button next to my signature.


Allison S|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order Canceled because of Shipt

An appropriate resolution was found after communicating with Allison.


I repurchased the item (at the full price) and after picking up my order received an email stating that I was receiving credit (to lower the total price to the original purchase price).


After a few days, the partial refund was reflected on my credit card statement.


Thank you for assisting in the resolution.