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Order 5 items, not receive. Service canceled reshipment. No items can have.

I order 5 items which costs me 1440 dollars in Nov.19th. It shows delivery in Nov. 23th. But it doesn't.

I called the shippment service, they said they post the item. But I do not find anything and even ask my neiborhood, they said they did not see anything in that day. The post office ask me to call Bestbuy.

I called bestbuy service, they said they will reship my item. But the thing is they canceled my item next day!!!

I don't know why they do that?! They already charge my money when I bought my 5 items!

And in Nov.30th, someone call me they will check the item is available or not and promise they will call me back in 24-48 hours. But until three days left, I do not reive any phone call.

I tried to contact the customer service online in chat on Monday, they promise they will figure that out and sen me email. But two days left, no email received.

I called online service chat again, but they said the reshipment item canceled, they cannot send me my stuff again! The only thing they can send me is one item that do not includes in reshipment. The chat service ask me to call the phone customer service again. But after I explain it, the answer is still like that.Nothing they can do. They suggest to buy it again, but the price will not be same as sale item.

They only thing is give me the refund back. and now, I am so disappoint to bestbuy customer service, they canceled the item and do not let the item reship to me again! And none can slove my problem!!!

I am so sad about it and very tired to explain it again and again and tell them, just give my fund back.

For the bestbuy and its service, I have nothing to say anymore .