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Open Box Laptop Question



I was curious if Best Buy checks open-box laptops that are resold to ensure they don't suffer from known hardware issues with specific models of laptops. An open-box purchase can be appealing, but I'm concerned that some open-box items may be for harware issues that customers don't report. If Best Buy doesn't check for the known issues with a specific model laptop, it seems like I'm more likely to receive a problematic laptop than buying new.


Thanks for any info you can provide!

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Re: Open Box Laptop Question

Best Buy sells all kinds of laptops in different conditions. It is up to the customer to determine what they want and if they are willing to deal with imperfections or not ETC.


They go through rigorous checks to make sure it can be sold in the condition it is in, including reformatting the HDDs If it has acceptable performance then it is listed in a specific conditions. If there are imperfections or items missing then it will be listed as such and a customer may be responsible for purchasing the missing items to complete your purchase.

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