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Open Box Geek Squad "Certified" IS A JOKE!

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I recently placed an order ({removed per forum guidelines}) on the 14th of March during your sale for the Insignia 50" Smart Fire TV after I placed my first order I waited around home all day for the delivery it never arrived at my physical address I called UPS to complain of the fact and to figure out where my TV was actually delivered.  I gave it a day and called you guys back after UPS offered no resolutions and never called back to let me know where their driver left my TV.  The first rep was helpful and placed a new order for me right away.


I finally received my TV and was dissapointed upon opening the box first one of the legs of the TV stand was not even included I got over that and figured I would just buy a wall mount, let you guys know about the issue in the morning. Now when I tried to turn on the TV it was completely whited out you could barely make out the words or picture on the screen.  


I called this evening and after waiting for 3 HOURS finally spoke with an associate I let him know what was going on I told him I wanted this situation fixed and just wanted my new TV he sent me a label so that UPS could schedule a time to pick up the damaged TV and told me he would transfer me to the Gift  Card Dept so that they can issue me a gift card so I can buy the new TV


Once I was transferred it turned into even more of a nightmare I was placed on another hold while, the agent read of the notes from the Case ID ({removed per forum guidelines}) that the previous rep had given me once he picked up he said that since I didn't get the insurance I was out of luck and they wont refund me or issue out a gift card I am so upset and frustrated as I type this message out and am absolutely appalled at this I bought an Open Box GEEK SQUAD CERTIFIED tv which gurantees that the TV is as good as new no damage no missing parts NOTHING WRONG


And I recieve a one legged piece of junk!!!!!!! Then am told I should have purchased the insurance on a TV that was supposed to be checked by your specialists I've never had this issue ever and find it disgusting your team would treat people like this in such a horrible times with what our world is going through


Your rep then told me I was talking to the wrong dept and that I need another team member that he can't do anything to help me your rep is fully aware that once he connected me to the main menu on your Customer Service Phone Line I would not be able to reach another represenative due to the phone lines being shut down what happenened to customer service it used to be important but not apparently to Best Buy



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Re: Open Box Geek Squad "Certified" IS A JOKE!

Hello, erikajoy88,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, though I wish we were meeting under better circumstances. Investing in a new TV should be exciting so it’s disappointing to hear that your first shipment went missing in transit followed by damage to your second shipment.


Generally speaking, buying open-box should be a great way to receive deals on quality products at reduced prices. Personally, I’ve had good experiences with our open-box options, but I hear that your particular TV didn’t arrive in the condition that we would have expected. See more about open-box on our website here. Given the situation you described with the item arriving defective, sending the second TV back to us for a refund sounds like it would be the best option for you. From what you describe, it sounds like there may have been some confusion when speaking with agents, but I’d love to review in greater detail to see what may be happening and what may be possible going forward.


To get started, can you please clarify if a pickup of your TV was scheduled? If so, has that pickup happened already? I’ll also need confirmation of your full name, phone number, and email address. Keep your information secure by using the “Private Message” option available as a blue button in my signature when logged into the forum from a PC.



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