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Ontrac is terrible



How do I request that my orders not be shipped by Ontrac?  They are awful in my area!   I tried to get help online but ended up going in circles.  When I call the Customer Service number, it states they are closed but they don't bother to tell you what hours they are open.  This has been a very frustrating experience and makes me wish I had preordered with the manufacture rather than go through Best Buy.  


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Ontrac is terrible

You really don't have a choice on this I'm afraid. Best Buy uses various carriers to deliver their packages and it's not generally possible to pick and choose. However, some items I see have UPS Access point shipping options so it may be more reliable for you.


I do side with you on the OnTrac issue though as I have had items from various retailers not arrive and they used this carrier. Either it arrived at a awful hour in the middle of the night or they went to the wrong apartment complex.

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Re: Ontrac is terrible

Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid you are correct. Unfortunately, they are bad enough I will no longer be placing online orders via Best Buy. It’s amazing to me that they are willing to ship expensive technology using such a poor service. It’s really too bad, since I like Best Buy.
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Re: Ontrac is terrible

Welcome, NVLady,


Thank you for taking the time to visit us here on our community forums. I appreciate you providing your feedback about the different shipping options we offer. Having moved quite a bit, I know that shipping service can change quite a bit depending the local area. I'd be glad to provide some more information about this process.


We use a wide variety of shipping partners to help make sure you get your package as quickly as possible. Because of this, we do not offer the ability to pick exactly which carrier will delivery your package. We do offer a few alternatives to shipping like store and curbside pickup as well as alternate pickup locations. 


We also offer the ability to official suggest ideas to help us improve at our IdeaX forum. I would recommend posting this suggestion there so we can see if it's possible to change how we ship orders. Please let me know if I can assist you with any other questions or concerns!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Ontrac is terrible

Unfortunately this will be my last order with Best Buy also. Having to just roll the dice and hope that you might receive your high dollar electronic item is unacceptable.  

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Re: Ontrac is terrible

I’m sorry you gave had this experience as well. It seems that saving a few dollars isn’t worth losing customers. If nothing else, give customers an option to upgrade their shipping for a few dollars more. I called customer service trying to get them to change the shipping on a preorder and offered to pay more. I was told no. My future preorders will be going through the manufacture as I know they ship via UPS in my area.
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Re: Ontrac is terrible