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Ontrac LOST 8 ORDERS TOTAL since 10/2020

Best Buy, PLEASE stop using OnTrac.


5 orders from Newegg (3 - 3060 Ti gpu, 6800XT gpu, 3070 gpu)

3 orders from Best Buy (ryzen 3600 cpu, Asus Dark Hero motherboard, and YESTERDAY -  3060Ti FE gpu)


8 total; 3 from Best Buy.


ALL LOST since October 2020.


While some are having difficulties with actually seeing them in stock, I've managed to have some pretty good luck with them. However, once I see my order shipped via ONTRAC, my anxiety and blood pressure spikes.




The Benicia, CA and Concord, CA Ontrac warehouses are notorious for "losing" packages. This is well known. I'm sure others from in/out of the area can attest to these claims.