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Online store denies my payment method, now what changes for International Orders BestBuy came up.

Good evening BestBuy, has been like 4 months after the nightmare it was manage the THE LAST OF US 2 ELLIE EDITION from you, now have another complain, would wish at least once manage a purchase a store with you without any issue for once at least.


Have been trying to manage lately to acquire a pre-order for THE NEW MUTANTS STEELBOOK to be release on November 17, and every time my payment gets denied, and according to the store the issue is my bank, just contacted them and it says is an issue from the store I'm attempting to make a purchase, even my bank shared with my the number of attempts I tried dated since October 7, but its u the ones that are denying the purchase.


I’m an international customer and have made my purchases since last year successfully with that same payment method I’m now being denied, even managed the Ellie Edition as an international customer using the 


10780 Kempwood Drive (or KEMPWOOD DR), Houston, TX 77043, to be shipped to the state of TEXAS to relatives, friends or acquaintances since non-US can’t go to the States as of now cause the current situation with COVID-19.


Managed all times the same way all my purchases which have been validated successfully until now, but now it’s not possible for whatever the reason, so now BestBuy don’t come one it’s my bank the issue, it’s you, since my bank keeps track on every attempt of my debit card, and says I have the funds to manage the purchase but it’s your store the one that keeps denying it, what is going on now, what other billing method should we use, have tried numerous times using the EXACT same method that always worked on all my previous purchases using non-us credit card.


Care to explain please, will wait for a reply.


Don’t say it might be am error typo from the shipping address cause is the same one I have been using and that the store changes by default, and also is saved as one of my addresses at my BestBuy Customer account, and also using the Houston Billing Address for International customers, is there a recent change we don’t know about that you haven’t updated yet.


Waiting for your reply, take care and good health.

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Re: Online store denies my payment method, now what changes for International Orders BestBuy came up

And you made sure your purchase follows all protocol here


Mearning, you did not use an address that is prohibited from shipping to?

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Re: Online store denies my payment method, now what changes for International Orders BestBuy came up

Of course have followed protocol, the address used is of a residential address from an acquaintance and is not a freight forward address, I have made multiple purchases with my non-US payment method with the Houston billing address to ship to that address, but right now wondering what reason BestBuy isnt going throw with my payment and haven't replied me as of yet after 5 days, my bank confirmed me the issue is BestBuy, not my bank, since my bank gave me my DebitCard history where the attempts were made, but in the end its the store not allowing for the order to go through..

Still waiting for a reply and nothing to see this through, at least replying me back for an explanation on their end.
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Re: Online store denies my payment method, now what changes for International Orders BestBuy came...

Hello, balgrok09,


Thank you for reaching out about this, and we appreciate your patience as we got to your correspondence. It sounds like you’ve had orders fulfilled successfully in the past, and it would be surprising for you to experience unexpected cancellations, using the processes we have in place for our international customers. Although rare, there are several factors that could contribute to an order being cancelled. We would be happy to investigate this a bit further, in effort to offer any information we may have available.


To get started, we’ll first need to confirm a few details with you. Please send a Private Message with your full name, email address, and telephone number. If you happen to have an order number to share, that would also be helpful.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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