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Online purchase keeps being delayed because of fraud check

I recently made an order for a phone that would be transferred to sprint once I received it for item pick up. The day before I’m supposed to pick up the item, I got an update that says that the store didn’t have the item I wanted. I then tried to have the phone shipped to my home, but two days before the estimated arrival date it says that my shipment was delayed, so I tried pickup in another city that said it would be ready for pick up that same day. I call the store and a woman confirmed to me that the phone would be ready to pick up. Once I get there I have my ID, credit card, and order number since that is the information you need to pick up an order and I give it to them. 30 minutes later they said they couldn’t give me the phone since there was a fraud check going on, but said he couldn’t do anything about it and there was no estimated timeframe for when it would be solved. The weird thing is that Best Buy asked for all my information to verify who I am and there’s nothing the store could do to give me the phone and they even tried forcing the purchase. They told me that I could cancel the order and buy it there with the same card but I didn’t cancel it because of a $100 gift card promotion that isn’t happening anymore. So now my order is stuck in a limbo waiting for shipping but I know it won’t ship anytime soon from what the employee said. I just want some help getting the order to go through.

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Re: Online purchase keeps being delayed because of fraud check

Hey, Brandv,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums! I know how exciting a new phone is. It's so disappointing to hear it might have been delayed! We also want to make sure you get any promotions that you should. 


We would love to take a closer look at your order. Would you be able to send us a Private Message with more information? Please be sure to include your order number, as well as your full name, email address, and phone number. 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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