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Online order for PS5 charged, shipped & scheduled for 1/27 - Return requested by sender mid-shipment

So last week I was able to order a PS5 online on 1/22, to ship to my house for 1/27 arrival. It's made a few chekcpoints along the way to MN, and is now mid shipment in Hodgkins, IL. However, the status says "We've received a request from the sender to return the package."


I contacted both online chat and phone support, neither of which were able to help. They told me the return was initiated by Best Buy, but couldn't give me any reason why. Also could not override the request or reserve the PS5 for me once it arrives back at the warehouse.


What is going on here?


Short version: Best Buy charged my card, shipped my PS5 and is now returning it to warehouse for no reason.