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Online Purchases and Tax-Free Weekends? (Please help?)

My question is, does the online site honor state tax-free weekends?

Massachusetts is doing a Tax-Free weekend this weekend, August 17th and 18th, and I wanted to purchase a new Air Conditioner.

Problem is, due to work, I cannot get out to Best Buy in time, (30mile drive) and was just going to order the Air Con through the website.


Will the site honor the tax-free weekend Purchase?

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Re: Online Purchases and Tax-Free Weekends? (Please help?)

The sales tax rate is determined by the laws in which your order is being fulfilled (AKA where your order is set for Store Pickup, delivered/shipped, or which store you shop in). I'm pretty sure this would apply for tax-free sales, too, but not 100% sure. The links below may help answer some questions as well.


MA Tax Holiday at Best Buy®

Sales Tax Information

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