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Ongoing Issue.


I am writing to you in regards of an ongoing issue.
I purchased a computer in May. I had a discount code for 10% for opening a store card. I had to call in to place the order as the item was unavailable at my local store. I was having trouble with the discount code (this code worked online) and was told to call in to customer support and they would apply the discount retroactively. 
I called in 15-18 times. I was transferred and disconnected each and every time I have called. 
I requested a manager to call me back and was told that I would be contacted by one within 2 hours. 


5 days went by, and I did not receive a call.


I called in again another 5-6 times and was once again transferred and disconnected each and every time.


I was finally able to reach a representative that took ownership of the situation and was determined to find a solution. I waited on hold with him for 1.5 hours as to not lose another call. After a total of 4 hours trying to get this issue resolved, I was informed that I may receive 20% returned to me on the Discover card I used for this purchase for the massive inconveience I went through.
2 weeks go by and I saw no refund of 20%, and no communication from Best Buy. I reached out via chat and was told that I would see this refund within 1 billing cycle. 


I waited another 3 weeks and called back. I was bounced around between many reps, calls were dropped, and I had to call back another 4 times. I reached someone who stated they were a manager and they offered me a 10% refund. 
This is not what was originally agreed upon.
The next day, I called to speak to a manager and was told I would be called back in 2 hours. This was over a week ago.
My initial inquiry was 2 months ago. I have spent more than 6 hours on the phone, and have called 25+ times to try to resolve this issue and have been misled, brushed off, and ultimately lied to.
This whole ordeal reminded me why I chose not to shop at Best Buy many years ago. This level of unprofessionalism is astounding and has tarnished my view of the company.
I do, however, must say that most of the reps that I spoke to genuinely cared, were professional, and tried to do the right thing, just to be hindered by the phone system which dropped numerous calls.
Please escalate and circulate this to whomever must be contacted to resolve this issue.
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Re: Ongoing Issue.

Hello, maximmb,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support community! I appreciate you reaching out to us, though I wish it were under better circumstances.


When making a big purchase like a new computer, I can certainly understand wanting to save any amount that you can. The experience you've described trying to get the savings from your coupon and then the refund you were offered, does not sound at all like what we'd want our customers to go through.


I'll be happy to look into this with you to see what options I have to get this resolved for you. Can you please send me a private message with your name, phone number, and email address? To send the message, you can simply use the button located in my signature below. 



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