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One-Day Shipping Didn't Happen, Refund Never Processed

I wish to speak to a customer service representative.


On the morning of December 9, 2017, I bought two items on the “Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Star Wars Battlefront II Console Bundle Jet Black” and “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PlayStation 4.”  I chose the one-day shipping option, which should have guaranteed delivery of the items by 9:00 PM that night.


During checkout, I realized that Best Buy was giving away a “Stubbins Holiday Sackboy Plush Toy” as part of every Playstation 4 console purchase on that day.


At approximately 2:55 PM, I received a notice that my order has shipped.  However, the only item that was shipped was the Stubbins plush toy (the free item).  At approximately 3:40, a man delivered the plush toy.  I asked him about the rest of my order, and he said that he only had the toy and that the rest of the order was probably going to be separately delivered.


I never received the PS4 or the Nathan Drake game on Saturday, December 9.  That night, at approximately 10:00 PM, I called Best Buy.  The service representative told me that my order was still in “preparing” status and I should probably expect to get it tomorrow morning. 


That night, I noticed that I had been refunded $6.52 cents (the cost of the shipping charge) by Best Buy.  I called Best Buy again the next morning, Sunday, December 10 at approximately 11:00 AM.  I spoke to another service representative about canceling the order, but I was told that it could not be canceled because it was in “preparing” status.


At 3:00 PM, I called again.  This time, I spoke to customer service representative “Nicole.”  Nicole was helpful.  She told me that, according to the Best Buy system, the order was in “preparing” status, which means it was still at the store.  She then called Deliv, the delivery company.  We spoke to a representative from Deliv called “Max.”  Max told us that, according to their system, the item was picked up and delivered to my residence already.  He told me that, according to Deliv, the item was given to a doorman named James.  The Deliv tracking number for this order was (redacted), and indicated that the PS4 and game were picked up from Manhattan, 10003, at 3:26 pm and delivered at approximately 3:55 pm.  However, I never received the order and I do not have a doorman named James.  At the time of the delivery, I was home; in fact, the plushie had been delivered about 15 minutes before that.  In addition, Nicole told Max that, according to Best Buy, the items were never picked up and still at the store.


At this point, Nicole requested that Max contact the delivery person who had supposedly delivered the PS4 (Brittany F.).  In the interim, Nicole would call the Best Buy store at Union Square and try to locate the items to see whether they were still at the store.  I waited on the phone for almost two more hours because, according to Nicole, nobody at the Union Square store was available to pick up the phone.  Nicole also tried to call Deliv back but, according to her, nobody there picked up the phone either.


At approximately 5:40 PM, my call with Best Buy was disconnected.  I called back at that time, told them I had been speaking with Nicole, and was told that I could not be connected to the same representative.  The woman I spoke to on the phone told me that she would help me out.  I summarized the entire series of events above.  The woman told me that she would give me a refund, or she would put in another delivery.  I asked for the refund.  She told me that she processed the refund, and that I should wait about 5 business days for it to show up on my credit card statement.  I forgot to ask her for her name.


However, the refund never posted to my credit card.  Instead, I was charged $348.38.  I never received the PS4 or the free game; I only received the free plushie, which I didn’t even want.


I suspect that something went wrong with Deliv and that the tracking order was fraudulent.  The evidence for this theory is that: (1) On the night of December 9, I received a refund for the delivery free; which I never even requested.  I believe that this is because Best Buy realized my order was never sent out, and refunded me the price of One Day shipping and (2) I received a Best Buy email on December 11, indicating that my order was shipped on that date (but according to Deliv, it was shipped on December 9).


I want a refund of $348.38.

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Re: One-Day Shipping Didn't Happen, Refund Never Processed

Hi Foozle,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post! I was excited that we were able to offer same-day delivery this yeah. I do, however, regret to hear about your experience with it. That certainly sounds a bit frustrating. I would definitely like to see what’s going on with your order.


In order for me to check the status of the order and see what options I have as far as working towards a resolution, I will need a little bit of additional information. Would you be able to send me a private message, using the link next to my signature below, that includes your full name, order number, and email? Provided this information, I should be able to get a better understanding of the situation.



Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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